Searching for images isn’t always fun. In fact, it is pretty boring. The search engine windows are not all that appealing and the way the images are displayed is nothing to write home about. Cooliris is a Google Chrome extension made to spice up searching for images with a 3D image wall.

Not only are the images displayed in a much better looking way, it’s a little more fun. Let’s take a look at the way Cooliris works.

Getting started

Start by heading over to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Cooliris extension. Click the Add to Chrome button to install it.


When installed you’ll see the icon at the top of your browser window. To activate the extension, just click the Cooliris icon.


When you click the Cooliris icon, a new tab will open up and show you a fairly blank page. At the top of the page, you will see a search bar.


As you start typing a search term into the search bar, you will start to see images appear. The end search term will be a waterfall. As you can see when I type in water, there are a lot of different images about water.


When the letter “F” is typed to make “waterf” you will start to see a lot of images with waterfalls in them.


The 3D image wall

Right now this looks like many other image search extensions and pages. Other than the reflection off of the bottom row of images, there isn’t anything too fancy about the results. Until you click on an image that is. When you click on an image, the image will enlarge and hover over the others on the wall. By using the arrow keys, you can navigate through the images on the page, each hovering over the rest of the wall when highlighted.


Another really neat part of navigating through the images is when you hold down the left or right arrow key to move through the images quickly. The wall tilts to the side and shows more of the wall in a cool 3D manner.


If you like the Google Chrome extension, you can also look into the Cooliris iOS app. It helps you search for and view all of your images. There is a link to the app right on their website.


Final words

While this may seem like an unnecessary need to take up space in your browser icon bar. However, if you search for images frequently, anything you can do to make the process less boring and more aesthetically pleasing the better. What I wish Cooliris did have is the option to set the search preferences so you can search for images with different usage licenses.

Update: The Cooliris extension is currently discontinued.

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