A lot of people don’t consider downloading the information from their social networks. You might be thinking “What’s the point?”. Well, think about all of the time you spent networking and all of the memories you have uploaded to your social network of choice. DO you want to lose all of that?

Different services such as Google let you download your Google Account information. Twitter is also one of the services you can download your information from, in this case, it’s your tweets. Below we will take a look at how to download your information from Twitter to your computer.

What will be downloaded

First off, let’s talk about what exactly will be downloaded. For starters, you will get a spreadsheet with A LOT of information in it. Some of the information you can expect to see is your tweet obviously, but also the source of your tweet. What I mean is, did you use a tweet button on some site or did you use Tweetdeck or You will see all of that. You can also see the expanded URL if the long URL was shortened with a URL shrinker (the one on Twitter’s site).

You will also get an HTML version of your Twitter archive. With the HTML version of your archive, you can view your tweets in a very similar view as you would on Twitter. Off to the right sidebar, you narrow down the view by selecting the year and the month of the tweets.


Downloading your Twitter archive

To download your Twitter archive, you will need to login to your Twitter account.


Once you are in, you can navigate to your account settings. Or you can always click here to get to your Twitter settings.


Now you should be in your Twitter settings. You can scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the Request your archive button.


When you click the button, Twitter will send an email link to your account email.


Clicking on this link will take you back to Twitter and give you the download button.


Download the zip file and extract it with a program like 7Zip.


Once extracted you can see the spreadsheet and the HTML archive of your tweets. Take some time and look through the spreadsheet and see what information is there, I think you will be kind of surprised what you can find. Going back through the different apps you’ve used, seeing a website you might have frequented but haven’t been to in a while. Also looking back is like reading your diary. You can see what you were thinking or doing at a specific time in the past (assuming you use Twitter a lot for personal communication.)


Final words

Having access to your Twitter archive is a great thing. Think of it as more of a backup for your personal information, just like you might do with your passwords or other data.

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