In case you are new to the Internet, there is a lot of readable information on the web. Depending on the site you are looking at, there can also be a lot of other information on the page to distract you from the main article. Clearly by Evernote is a Google Chrome extension to help you read things on the web, well, Clearly.

Clearly, gives you a lot of useful options to more easily read the article as well as integration with Evernote. The majority of the features work with the free Evernote account. Take a look below for a walk-through of Clearly by Evernote.

Getting started

Like any Google Chrome extension, you will need to head to the Chrome Web Store and download it. When you are in the Chrome Web Store, search for “Clearly” in the extensions. When you find it, click Add to Chrome. You will see a pop-up window asking you if you’d like to Add or to Cancel the installation.


Once installed, you will want to sign in to your Evernote account. While you don’t need an Evernote account for most of the features, to get the full experience, you should have Clearly linked to your Evernote account.


Using Clearly

When you find an article you’d like to read somewhere on the web, you can click the Clearly icon.


What this will do is strip all of the fanciness and the ads out of the article leaving the article images and a simplified text. Here is a before and after shot of the same page.

Before Clearly

Notice the ads and the sidebar information along with the different text colors.


After Clearly

See how all of the ads ad sidebar are gone and the text is all the same color and the links are easy to distinguish?


Other Clearly options

When using Clearly, you should see a sidebar on the right side. This is where the controls are. In the sidebar, you will see five control buttons and a back button. The back button is at the top of the sidebar.


The first control button is the Evernote clipper. This will save the entire article to your default Evernote notebook.


The next button is the highlighter button. If there is a bit of text you’d like to save to Evernote, you can click this button and highlight it to save it.


Next on the list is the themes button. This is where you change the look of background and the text, including size. There are three preset themes and the option to make your own theme. If you like a theme but need the text a little larger or smaller, you can adjust the font size all by itself.


If you have the desire to print the article, that’s what the next button does. Like when you are reading the article, the print preview will not show any of the ads and other distracting information that could be on a web page.


The last button in the sidebar is Text To Speech. This is a feature requiring Evernote Premium. This feature will read the article aloud to you. I like this feature for when you want to read something but should be working on something else. YOU can have it read to you and you can continue to do something else.


Clearly options

Clearly, has some adjustable options. By right-clicking on the Clearly icon in the Google Chrome icon bar, you can go to the options. In here you will see lots of different options for things like keyboard shortcuts and how your articles are added to Evernote. Take a look and make some adjustments if needed. Also in the options menu, you will see tabs for your Custom Theme adjustment and Text to Speech.


Final words

Clearly is a super useful Google Chrome extension for anyone who reads a lot on the web. If you are researching a topic or just see something you’d like to save, the highlighting and clipping features are great for the avid Evernote user.

Update: Clearly for Evernote extension is discontinued, below is the alternative link for this.

Mercury Reader

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