Microsoft Office 365 offers the latest version of the highly popular Word. Word has been a staple of the Office productivity suite from the beginning. Over the years Word has made many changes both in functionality and overlook but none as drastic as what Office 365. The look of Word, Excel and other popular programs in the Office suite are sleek, seamless and have that app feel Windows 8’s launch brought to the desktop table.

In this installment on Microsoft Office 365, we’ll walk you through the new Word.

What’s new in Microsoft Office 365: Word?

Take a look at the new Word

When you first open Word, you’ll want to take a moment to get used to the overall new look. It’s app-like which is the goal Microsoft has for Office 365 and Windows 8 in general.


The new menu for Word appears on the left-hand side of your screen.


From here, you can access familiar features such as creating a new document, opening a recent document and accessing settings for Word.

Word’s settings haven’t changed much in this version.


A new document will have the familiar feel you’ve seen in Word before. If you click “File,” you’ll come face to face with the new menu options for Office 365.


If you then click “Info,” for an open document, you can access a variety of settings for what you’re working on that were much harder to find in previous versions of Word.


No matter what Office program you’re using, if you click “Account” in the menu, you can gain access to your subscription, updating Office and changing basic functions.


As we take a look at other programs in the Office 365, you’ll see just how seamless the new Office comes together.