As usual, Microsoft fails to give users a truly customizable experience in its latest version of the Windows operating system. Users must rely on third party apps and programs to tweak even the simplest things in Windows 8. Start Screen Animations Tweaker is one such program. The Start Screen Animations Tweaker will let you change how the animations in your live tiles appear.

We’ll show you how to use the simplistic Start Screen Animations Tweaker.

How to use the Start Screen Animations Tweaker

Download Start Screen Animations Tweaker here.

You don’t need to install it, you simply download and start it up.

Start Screen Animations Tweaker has a simple interface for you to use.

Start Screen Animations Tweaker

The username and picture animation setting allow you to change the size at which the user name and picture animations appear.

You can change the animations by sliding the slider left or right to make it larger or smaller or somewhere in the middle. This will all depend on what looks good to you, the size of your monitor and other visual factors you find important. This may take a few tries to get it to your liking.

The tiles animation setting allows you to change the way the size of live tiles works. You can make it smaller or larger, similar to change the username and picture animation. This, too, can take a few tries to get it looking good to you.

You can also change the Parallax effect in Windows 8 with Start Screen Animations Tweaker.

This will change the way the background works as you scroll through Start screen tiles. You will have to restart Explorer to get this to work.

You can always reset these settings to default by clicking “Reset to defaults” at any time.

Do you really need to tweak the Windows 8 Start screen?

Some users want to be able to do whatever they want with Windows 8. This is true for any operating system out there. While Microsoft may not give you the options directly, by using third party applications like Start Screen Animations Tweaker, you can take more control over what your copy of Windows 8 looks like.

Download Start Screen Animations Tweaker.