Google Chrome is a great browser and really easy to use. Until you need to access some of the settings that are. Even though some of the settings and options are available with a simple click, others are not. Mega Button makes getting to your Google Chrome settings a lot easier.

Having fast access to these settings will make it easier when you want to get to your history or manage your extensions. Not only are there some basic everyday choices, but there are also some more advanced settings to choose. Let’s take a look at Mega Button in more detail.

Installing Mega Button

The install process is that of any Google Chrome extension. You should navigate to the Chrome Web Store and look for Mega Button. When you are there, click the Add to Chrome button.


You will need to confirm the installation.


Once installed you should see a new icon in the top right of your Google Chrome browser.


Using Mega Button

Starting out, you will want to click on the Mega Button icon. This will show your options.


If you hover over the different icons displayed, you’ll see what they do. As mentioned earlier, there are some basic settings you will have access to.


Some of the basic settings are downloads, settings, manage extensions, bookmarks, and favorites. When you click on these you will be taken to the appropriate page in the Google Chrome settings. Using these settings isn’t a huge time saver other than everything is in one location. Where Mega Button starts to get really handy is some of the other settings you will have access to. For example Memory. If your browser is being slow, you can use the memory button to see which of the Google Chrome extensions is taking up the most memory and disable it.


Another great setting you have easy access to is the Plugin settings. This is where you can disable and enable the different plugins that are used for to run different scripts in your browser. A good example is using Google Chrome as your PDF reader. If you don’t like this feature, you can disable the plugin.


The other setting you might want to tinker with is the last on the right called Flags. These are experimental settings so keep in mind they may really screw stuff up. If you look down the list you can find features like Smooth scrolling you could enable if your screen is a bit jerky when you are scrolling.


Final thoughts

Having access to some of these not so common settings is really helpful when troubleshooting or customizing your Google Chrome browser. Some of the more basic settings are fairly accessible through the normal Google Chrome options. However, Mega Button saves you a few clicks in most cases when accessing them.

Download Mega Button.

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