Your Start Page is probably one of the most important pages in your browser. This is the page you first see when you open your browser. Many people like to have the latest news on their Start Page but is it really a good idea to have the first thing you see be a distraction? Incredible StartPage lets you turn your Start Page into something really useful instead of an instant distraction.

The idea behind Incredible StartPage is to make your  Start Page much more useful by including access to bookmarks, note taking and your Google Chrome apps. Does this sound interesting? Let’s take a look at how Incredible StartPage works.

Getting started

First, head on over to the Chrome Web Store and look for Incredible StartPage in the extensions section. When you find it, click the Add to Chrome button.


The Google Chrome extension will download and install itself. You will need to grant permission for all of this to happen though.


Once installed, open a new Tab in your Google Chrome browser to see something like this.


Using Incredible StartPage

When using Incredible StartPage, there are several parts to the Start Page. We will start with the big window on the right. This window is where you will see things like your most visited sites, apps installed in Chrome and your bookmarks.


To switch between the bookmarks, apps and most visited sites, use the tabs on the top of the big window.


To the left, you will see the other parts. The Closed column will show tabs you’ve recently had open then closed. To re-open a site, click on the link in this column to open it in a new tab. The Bookmarks column will let you choose between the Bookmark Bar and other bookmarks. These will be displayed in the big window on the right.


There is also a Post-it looking note above these two columns. The note can be edited to say whatever you’d like.


When you have a note with an appointment on it, you can save it in your Google Calendar. Whatever you have written in the note will be displayed in the Description part of the appointment.


You can also add the context of the note to an email.



Incredible StartPage has a few different settings you can change if you choose to. To change the font in the note, click on the pencil. A page will open and you can see the settings Make the changes and click the Save button to process the changes.


Final words

The Start Page is overlooked many times as just the page that your browser opens to. With a little bit of help, you can make it a really useful page.

Download Incredible StartPage.

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