When you are on the web all the time, sometimes there is a need to reduce the amount of memory your browser takes up. I’m sure you have noticed at some point your browser seems a little laggy. Well, The Great Suspender is a Google Chrome extension to help you.

The way The Great Suspender helps is to suspend tabs so they are not running in the background. For those of you who use Session Buddy, this extension is compatible.

Getting started

Getting started means heading to the Chrome Web Store and look for The Great Suspender. When you find the extension, click the Add to Chrome button.


Once clicked, you will be asked to confirm the addition of the Google Chrome extension.


Once added you will see a new tab open in your browser. It lets you know the process for uninstalling. We will talk about it below, but make sure you read the warning or you might have some troubles.


Using The Great Suspender

Using The Great Suspender is pretty straight forward. When you would like to suspend a tab, click The Great Suspender icon. You will see a drop-down with options.


When you choose Suspend this tab, you will see this banner on the page.


To unsuspend the tab, click the icon again and choose to Reload all tabs.


Closing the tab will not reset the tab. You will need to reset (reload) it through the extension as mentioned above. If you forgot which tabs you previously suspended, there is a history in the extension’s settings. In this section, you can reload or re-suspend all of the tabs from the day.


If there is a site you do not want to accidentally suspend, you can whitelist it. Whitelisting a site will assure you the tab it’s in will not get suspended. This might be a good option for Gmail when you are chatting or Twitter.


There are a couple of other handy features you might want to enable too. Automatically suspending the tabs if they are inactive and in the background. The other is reloading the tabs when they are in focus again. In focus just means they will become unsuspended when you go to that tab again.


Uninstalling The Great Suspender

That’s really all there is to using The Great Suspender. Now let’s talk about uninstalling it. The main thing is, you need to make sure all of the tabs are reloaded (unsuspended) before you uninstall the extension. It might be a good idea to go through the history and make sure all of the tabs are reloaded. Once you have done that, you should simply disable The Great Suspender for a while to make sure you didn’t forget to reload a page.

Final words

Depending on your reasoning for wanting to suspend a tab, The Great Suspender does what it is made to do. A good reason I can think to suspend all but the open tab is if your computer or internet connection is a little on the slower side and are watching a video. This might help make the video less choppy.

Download The Great Suspender.

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