windows-8-twitter-appTwitter released its Windows 8 app through the Windows Store. While several alternatives to an official Twitter app have been released, Twitter users were waiting to see what the social network had up its sleeve.

The Twitter app doesn’t disappoint and we’ll show you how to get started with using it in Windows 8.


How to use the Windows 8 Twitter app

Head to the Windows Store to get started.

Begin typing “Twitter.”

Click on the “Twitter app” when it comes up in the Windows Store.


You can get some more details about the app here, read reviews and then click “Install” to start the installation process.


Once installed, head to the Start screen and click on the Twitter tile.


The Twitter app will prompt you to sign up or login to an existing account. If you have an account on Twitter, click “Sign in.”


Now, enter your username and password, and click “Authorize app.”

You will then sign in to your Twitter account through the Windows 8 app.


The app will ask if you want to run Twitter in the background. This will give you Twitter notifications even if you aren’t physically in the app. Click “Allow” if you want this, click “Don’t Allow” if not.

Then, you’ll be directed to the Home screen of the Twitter app.


This is where you’ll see your primary news feed.

Click “Connect.”


This is where you’ll see your @ replies and Direct Messages.

Click “Discover.”


You’ll find Twitter trends and highlighted tweets from here. This is a great way to see what people on Twitter are talking about and get involved.

Click “Me.”


This is where you’ll find your profile and other details on your Twitter account. You can edit your profile, access your Direct Messages and go through your Favorites.

If you scroll to the right of this screen, you can access your Recent Tweets and see what you’ve tweeted and retweeted.


If you scroll even further to the right, you can see the photos you’ve uploaded and shared on Twitter.


At any time in the app, click the “Pen and Paper” icon in the top right corner.


You can now write a new tweet to share. You can add a picture and a location before clicking “Tweet” to send your tweet to your followers.

You can also click the “Magnifying Glass” at any time to search your Twitter feed, your followers and Twitter itself.


In the Home area in the Twitter app, you can click on a tweet in your feed to enlarge it.


From there, you can see who responded to it.

In order to access the settings in the Windows 8 Twitter app, click the “Windows Key + I.”


You can access the options, Terms of service, Privacy policy and more about the app here. Click “Options.”


You can turn on and off a variety of settings as well as clear your search history and log out of the Twitter app.

The Twitter app is a beautiful visual interface for the social network in Windows 8.

Do you need the Windows 8 Twitter app?

There seems to be an app out there for anything you want to do online in Windows 8. Depending on how you use Twitter and what you’re used to doing with an app whether it is on the computer or on your phone, the app itself can determine what you get out of Twitter. The Windows 8 Twitter app is a great way to use Twitter and it feels like it belongs with the host of other apps that have been developed for Windows 8.