YouTube is the largest video repository on the web. There is everything from people getting kicked in the um… sensitive areas to full-length movies on there. The problem is, the interface kind of sucks. There really isn’t a lot of controls for you to better the viewing experience. Unless you have Magic Actions for Chrome that is.

Magic Actions for Chrome gives you a lot of different features just by adding a simple extension. Something as simple as changing the viewing mode can make a lot of difference. Let’s take a little stroll through using Magic Actions for Chrome and see if it’s something you could get some use out of.

Getting started

Since this is a Google Chrome extension, you will need to head over to the Chrome Web Store and look for Magic Actions for YouTube. This will get you to the extension page for download. If you want to check out more information before you download the extension, you can go to the site and check it out. You’ll notice there is also a Firefox version.

You can click the Add to Chrome button. Once the extension is added, the button will say Added to Chrome and turn green.


Once you have the extension installed and ready to go, it’s time to head over to YouTube and see what changes there are. What you will see is the added controls under the video progress bar. The left side has the video options and the right side has the sharing options.


Using Magic Actions for YouTube

The gear icon will get you to the extension’s options.


In the Options menu sits a lot of different settings to tinker with. The first few are some of the most popular settings. You are given control over the volume with your mouse wheel. That in itself is awesome. The next option is the On Screen Display settings. Choose how you’d like it to display including the color. The last part in this section is the HD feature. If you have a slower connection, you can turn off the auto HD. You can also choose the resolution.


The next section is more about the viewing options. You can choose to block ads, have the video be shown in wide-screen mode automatically and auto-centered too.


There is a cool feature called Cinema mode. This will put the focus on the movie so there isn’t a lot of other distractions. Almost like being at the movies.


If you have a larger screen and the video is good quality, you can use the wide mode.


Final words

When I found this Google Chrome extension a while ago, I didn’t think much of it… until I used it. I don’t watch a ton of YouTube videos but a lot of times the ones I do watch are a little longer. And let me tell you, some of the basic functions like the volume controls and the cinema or wide screen mode make it well worth the download.