People head out to the store and buy these super fancy monitors and hook them up to their computers and they look okay. Not great, just okay. The reason is, they don’t mess with the settings at all. Another reason is, some of the settings are not always accessible in the general adjustments. Display Tuner is made so you can access those settings. Keep in mind, this program is for external monitors, not the one on your laptop or another all-in-one Windows-based computer. Let’s take a look at all of the settings and what Display Tuner can offer you.

Getting started

Start out by navigating to the Display Tuner download page. You will see a grid with the download link in it.


Once you download the zip file, you can extract it using an app like 7zip. When it’s downloaded, you will need to extract the setup wizard exe file. sshot-3

When you have the exe file extracted, run the setup wizard. There is nothing out of the ordinary in the setup wizard, just a few clicks and you’re through.


Using Display Tuner

Once you’re through the setup wizard, you can make sure the monitor you’d like to adjust is hooked up to the computer and start the app. If you do not have a compatible monitor or the monitor is not hooked up to the computer, you will see a notice like this.


The app will pop up and show you the general settings. Using the sliders you can make adjustments as needed.


As you can see, there are different tabs on the left side. Each of these tabs is a different group of settings. Some of the settings you can find in the normal OSD settings for some most monitors, others are not so common.


What I like are the profiles. Sometimes there are different settings that look better when you are using your monitor for different media. For example, if you are watching a movie, the settings can be optimized for that. But when you are watching sports, you can have another profile optimized for that. What’s even cooler is the profiles can be changed with a hotkey combination of your choice. display-tuner-profile

If your monitor has built-in speakers, there is a settings tab for those adjustments too.



Looking on their site, there is a warning. They list a few monitors that they know the app is incompatible with. Make sure you read the warning before you move ahead with installing the program.

Final words

With a few tweaks, a poor looking inexpensive monitor can look much more brilliant than you ever thought. Take a little time when playing with the settings. Here is a site with a lot of different images to help you while making adjustments.

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