1) Startpage.com – Worlds Most Private Search Engine:

Since we are talking about Start Pages, its only right to start with a website named after them – StartPage.com.

StartPage.Com- © TechNorms

Startpage.com is an ideal search engine for the Privacy Conscious user. Regular Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo Search store your IP address and USER ID cookies in a database. This helps them understand, what you search for. There is no evil purpose behind this profiling, the search engines just want information about your search habits, so that they can display relevant content according to your search habits.

Startpage is powered by Ixquick, which is reputed as the most Private Search Engine on the web – that’s right no more snooping by the Search Engine or your Internet Service Provider – Complete privacy.

Startpage has a number of options under “My Settings” panel, that let you further customize the looks as well as the privacy level in your browser.

StartPage.com Settings - © TechNorms

Startpage Features:

  • Ixquick, which powers Startpage.com  is the only search engine that does not record your IP address or save the user cookies.
  • Ixquick has received the European Privacy Seal as well as Certified Secure Privacy Certificate which boosts its credentials.
  • Startpage uses SSL Secure connection – not even your Internet Service Provider can see what you are searching for.
  • If you searching for any images, Startpage doesn’t leave any trace of the picture thumbnails in your browser – this provides complete privacy.

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