One of the quickest ways to protect your information online is to routinely clean up what apps have permission to access your social networks. When you link an app to a social network, you give it access to certain aspects of your personal information.

This can range from a username, password, e-mail address and more. From there, if the app is ever compromised, so is your information. We’ll show you how to clean up the most common social networks so you can ensure your information is only accessed by apps you trust.

Limit App Access to Your Social Network Data


Make sure you are logged into Facebook.

Then, go here.


You can then go through each app that has been linked to your Facebook account and choose whether to keep it linked or delete it.

In order to delete it, click the “X” next to it.

You can also choose to edit permissions if the app allows it by clicking “Edit.”


Log into your Twitter account.

Now, go here.


Twitter simply allows you to revoke access from apps by clicking “Revoke access” next to them. Unlike Facebook, you can’t edit what they have access to within Twitter.


Log into your Google account.

Then, navigate to here.


Google may ask you confirm your password one more time to ensure your identity.

Google then allows you to revoke access to any apps that may be linked to your Google account. They will also give you a breakdown of what each app has access to when linked to that Google account.


Log in to your Microsoft account first.

Now, open this link.


Microsoft will give you a list of apps that have access to your Microsoft Account details. Each app will have different permissions and authorizations.

You can see further details by clicking “Edit.”


You can then see what permissions and authorizations you gave the app, click “Remove” to remove the app from your Microsoft Account.


Log in to your Yahoo account.

Once logged in, head to this link.


Yahoo will give you a breakdown of what has access to your account. If you click the “Right Arrow” next to any of the entries, you can see what it has access to in regards to your account.

Click “Remove” to revoke access to any of the apps or websites linked to your Yahoo account.


Head to LinkedIn and login to your account there.

Now, head to Authorized Applications here.


LinkedIn will give you a description of each app and web service that has access to your account. You can learn more about them by clicking “About.”

Simply click the check box next to each app, then click “Remove” to unlink it from LinkedIn.

How Often Should you Clean up Your Apps?

You should clean your apps up once a month when it comes to the web services, apps and social networks you use. You may not even realize how many apps and services online have access to your profiles. The more apps that have access to your information, the higher the probability that your information ends up in the wrong hands. Take the time to cover your tracks online and clean up your permissions online.