File Sorting - © TechNorms Internet users download a lot of stuff from the internet everyday like documents, pictures, photos, music and other files. Before you know it, you have an overflowing download folder with a large number of files, which becomes difficult to manage.

You may want to delete these files to make room, but you may also need to keep some data with you. Normally you would need to manually check each file and see if its important enough to keep, but this is a time-consuming process.

Digital Janitor is smart Windows Utility built to make file sorting extremely easy. It can help you save a lot of time, by automatically sorting out files into the folder, according to the file type, or other rules you specify and then further filtering becomes very easy.

Digital Janitor – Your Smart File Organizing Utility:

Digital Janitor, like the name, indicates acts as a janitor for your files. It is a nifty program that can help you sort a lot of files into designated folders quickly and easily.

Once you install the program, you can access it via the Start Manu. The Main Window of the Program gives you the option to select the folder that has stuff that needs to be sorted.

Digital Janitor Main Window - © TechNorms

You can then specify the way you want the files to be sorted. You have the options to sort by file type, a particular keyword in the file name and by size.

It allows you to make custom rules for different files. This way you can get the required files in different folders automatically.

Easily Sort Music Files By Album Or Artists:

You might have a lot of music, unsorted in one single folder. Digital Janitor can now sort your music, so you don’t have to search through tons of MP3’s to find your song. This program has a special inbuilt tool to manage and sort music files.

Sort Music Files WIth Ease - © TechNorms

It can easily sort you music into specific folders by Artist or Album Name. This saves you the time in sorting your music manually into different folders.

Digital Janitor – Automated File Sorting Mode:

So, you don’t want to spend time in manually specifying rules – Digital Janitor can help by sorting the files automatically. You can access the “Automate” option on top of the main window.

Automate File Sorting Into Folders - © TechNorms

Automation options include sorting files by similar names, similar file extensions or file types.

It even has a Schedule Mode, where it can run automatically at a pre-scheduled time and sort the files according to the rules you have specified.

Digital Janitor Features:

  • Sort files into different folders by multiple rules at once.
  • Sort music files (any format) into folders by Artists or Albums.
  • Can automate the file sorting process via an inbuilt feature.
  • Sorted folders and destinations history are also available for quick access later.
  • Can sort files by “Keyword”, “Size” Or “File type” into correct folders.
  • Can schedule the sorting process and execute it at pre-defined intervals.

Download Digital Janitor.

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