Windows 8 can host many applications and services, just like Windows 7 and all systems before it. Google Apps is no exception to this. To take advantage of the design in Windows 8 and incorporate all Google Apps has to offer, follow the below instructions.

Installing Google Apps

Install Google Search from the Windows Store by opening the Start menu and typing it in and choosing to “Install.” You’ll find a tile on the Start menu that you can now choose and use Google as you would in a search menu.


After a short tutorial, you’ll be presented with the regular search engine you know and love.


Next, we can set up email via the default “Mail” app. This can be found on the start menu with the other pinned items. Open it and press the “Windows Key + I” to present the account settings.


Choose to add another account and select Gmail.


Enter your regular Google login information for your account to be set up, like below.


It’s as simple as that. So now we have Google and Gmail set up. Now, we can ensure our Calendar and Contacts are synced as well. Open your Gmail account and press the shortcut keys “Windows Key + I” once more to present the particular settings for your account.


Under the “Content to sync” section to the right is where we check what to pull over from our account. Let’s choose all three check boxes so we get our calendar events as well as mail and its contacts.

Aside from these regular apps, we can also install the Chrome browser via Google’s website. Alternatively, you can head on over to the Windows Store for the last time and begin a search for Google Chrome. Once found, you’ll find it will take you to Chrome’s own website to install. Begin this installation and you’ll be presented with a regular browser window like you’d find in the other Windows operating systems.



We’ve successfully set up email, contacts, Google’s browser and their search engine. Now that that’s taken care of, why not switch gears and install the official Twitter app?