Windows Tools - © TechNorms Windows 7 Taskbar has seen tremendous improvements in the features and functionality. You are now able to “Pin” any programs that you access regularly, to your taskbar for easier access. This has replaced the traditionally used Quick launch toolbar in Windows XP and Vista.

The Windows 7 Taskbar is now has some similarities to the Dock feature is Mac OS X. However, the functionality of the Taskbar is limited by the fact that you can’t pin individual files or folder, or even webpages to the taskbar.

Internet Explorer 9, does have the option to pin webpages to taskbar, but not everyone uses IE 9.

It would be convenient to pin a specific file or folder  which you access often to the Windows 7 Taskbar. That is where the Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner come in – a small program to help you pin almost anything to the taskbar.

Windows 7 Taskbar Pinner – Pin Anything On The Taskbar:

The Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner is a small program (~125 Kb) that lets you pin any file, folder, program or even a webpage to the taskbar. This makes the Windows 7 Taskbar even more versatile and useful.

The Main window of the program displays various commonly used destinations like My Computer, My Pictures, Program Files etc on the left side for quick pinning and shows the currently pinned programs on the right side.

Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner Main Window

You can use the “Unpin Item” button at right bottom corner, to manage your pinned items with ease.

Adding A Desired Folder Or File To The Taskbar:

The bottom section “Add Custom Item” lets you add anything you need to the Taskbar.

To get started, click on the button next to the “Path” text field and choose the file/folder that you want to pin.

Then click on the button next to the Icon text field to select the icon of the file or folder. (Unless you use an icon you cannot add an item to the taskbar, so you would need some icons on your PC)

Pinning a Folder To Windows 7 Taskbar - © TechNorms

When you click on “Add Item” button, the program would prompt you to “Enter the name of the item”.

Click on Ok after you input the name and the desired file or folder would appear on the Taskbar. You can specify the position of the Icon by inputting the number in the box as shown in the screenshot above.

A Pdf File Pinned To Windows & Taskbar:

Pinning a File to Windows 7 Taskbar - © TechNorms

The Dropbox Folder Pinned To Windows 7 Taskbar:

Pinned Dropbox Folder To WIndows 7 Taskbar - © TechNorms

Using this tool you can pin almost anything that you need on the taskbar.

Icons Set For you:

We have mentioned above that you need icons on your PC to be able to Pin an item. Some of you may not have an icons collection on your PC, so we have a simple icon set for you guys to get started. You can always get icons of your choice from the internet.

Here is a preview of the icon set. We have used icons from this set as seen above. These icons are free to use and we have provided  a download link to these icons below.


You can choose other icons that you like from a number of other icon sets from Icojoy IcoJam. (Update: Since the site and above icons are not available, alternative icons are provided below.)

You can get the icons from here.

You can download the Program from the developers site from here.