Windows 8 can’t keep Gmail down. Even though Microsoft has banned Google from natively working on the operating system, Google and third party developers have created apps to let Windows 8 users get the most from Google services. You can even add Google Apps and services yourself, check out our guide here.  Gmail Touch is one such stand alone app and we’ll show you how to get your Gmail integrated into Windows 8 with it.

How to use Gmail Touch in Windows 8

Head to the Windows Store and search for “Gmail Touch.”


Click “Install” to start the installation process.


Once installed, head to the Windows 8 Start screen and click on the Gmail Touch live tile to open the app.


You will be prompted to log in to your Gmail account with your username and password.


Once you enter it, click “Sign in” and check the box next to “Stay signed in” to get real time notifications when you receive new e-mail in Windows 8.


Gmail Touch will ask if you want it to run in the background.

Coupled with the stay signed in feature Gmail offers, this is the way you’ll get notified when you have a new e-mail. Click “Allow.”

It will take a few seconds to load your Gmail account the first time you log in, and then you’ll be introduced to the modern layout of Gmail Touch.


From here, you can click on any e-mail to open it, compose e-mails, and go through labels and more.

Click the “Pencil Icon” in the top toolbar to compose a new message.


You can then fill in your e-mail details as you see fit, then click the “Send Icon” in the toolbar.

Click the “Magnifying Glass Icon.”


This will open the Windows 8 search. As long as Gmail Touch is highlighted, it will search through your e-mails as needed.

Click the “Shopping Bag” in the toolbar.


As you can see in the bottom right corner of the app, you have ads. You can opt for the paid version of Gmail Touch to eliminate the ads all together.

Click the “Computer Screen” to access the browser-based design of Gmail.


Now, click the “Home Icon.”


You can add multiple Gmail accounts to Gmail Touch. Click “Sign into another account….”


You’re log into your other Gmail accounts from here.

Then, whenever you click on the Home Icon again, you’ll be able to click on either account to log in and check your mail as you see fit.


You can also log out from Gmail Touch from this menu by clicking “Sign out of all accounts.”


Gmail Touch will ask you to confirm you want to log out.

Is Gmail Touch a worth e-mail alternative in Windows 8?

Gmail Touch works well with your Gmail accounts, especially if you use more than one. It looks sleek with Windows 8 and takes on that modern app design.  If you’re looking for a way to connect with Gmail in Windows 8, Gmail Touch may be it.