1) Shazam – Just Point To Identify That Song:

Love a tune but cannot remember the song or the artist? Shazam is an awesome music app as it solves this problem that always bugs us.

Shazam iPhone App - © TechNorms

Shazam gives you instant satisfaction when you want to know what song is playing. All you need to do is just point your phone towards the music source to identify and buy the track if you wish. View all of your tags and discover new music and watch videos on YouTube for your tags.

Free app has limitation of 5 tags a month. The App offers premium upgrade to Shazam Encore. Encore comes with extra features including unlimited tagging, previews, recommendations and Tag charts.

Shazam iPnone App 2 - © TechNorms

Shazam iPhone App Features:

  • Discover and buy music: identify what song is playing; preview and buy the track direct on iTunes, or watch the video on YouTube.
  • Share a music moment: Tweet your Tags, post track details to Facebook, or send a postcard to friends who share your music tastes.
  • Learn more about music: read track and album reviews and artist biographies.
  • Personalize your Tags: take and add a photo, or map your Tags, as a reminder of where you where when you captured the moment.
  • Store pending Tags: when you don’t have a data connection, you can still capture the music moment. Untagged tracks will be sent when you’re back in WiFi or a data coverage area.

2) FlyCast Select – Music, Videos, Talk Radio All In One Package:

FlyCast Select is the mobile entertainment app that delivers you music, video and a lot more in a single package.

FlyCast Radio - Personalized Stations - © TechNorms

FlyCast Select offers you over 2000 channels of entertainment including hundreds of music channels covering all genre, videos, talk radio, self-help, news and weather.

Create a personal favorites list as you select from the available channels and are available on the “My Stuff” screen. Check out What’s Hot, What’s New, local radio stations, your ratings, view featured videos and much more.

Videos and More on FlyCast Radio - © TechNorms

FlyCast Select iPhone App Features:

  • Offers a large number of channels.
  • Create a personal favorites list from the available channels.
  • “FlyBacks” allow you to “rewind” the content you hear to listen again.
  • Employs numerous techniques to reduce battery drain.

3) Slacker Radio – Personalized Radio For Your iPhone:

Listen to free personalized radio on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Slacker.

Slacker Radio - Station Options - © TechNorms

Slacker Radio offers some unique features. You can cache your favorite station to listen to them even when you have no connectivity. Caching is a premium feature available with Slacker Radio Plus but has free trial period of 14 days.

Select your favorite stations, tune them, edit ratings and share your stations with friends. Stations are classified into multiple categories, each featuring multiple stations.

Slacker Radio Top Stations on The App - © TechNorms

Slacker Radio iPhone Apps Features:

  • Unlimited free access to millions of songs from thousands of artists.
  • Listen to over 120 expert-programmed genre stations.
  • Create custom stations with your favorite artists and songs.
  • Store your favorite stations on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Fine tune any station for the ultimate in personalization .
  • Get new music personally selected just for you.
  • Enhanced music discovery featuring artist bios, album reviews & lyrics.

4) Anthem Music Videos – When You Need To Do More Than Just Listen:

Are you feeling bored of just listening to music and want to see some videos? Anthem is the app for you.

Anthem Music Videos - Videos For Listed Artist - © TechNorms

Anthem creates customized music video channels for artists you choose. Discover new artists and bands that are similar to the artists you already know. It’s like Pandora, but for video instead of radio.

Based on YouTube, Anthem intelligently seeks out similar artists and groups them together, allowing you to discover new artists. A number of channels are available to put to use or create new channels.

Anthem Music Videos - Channels - © TechNorms

Anthem Music Videos iPhone App Features:

  • Create customized music video channels.
  • Discover new artists and bands.
  • Works on YouTube, but works like Pandora for videos.
  • Ability to buy songs directly from iTunes
  • Artist pictures are available in channels.

5) Last.fm – An Unbeatable Source Of Music:

Last.fm has one of the largest music catalogue online and its iPhone app lets you scrobble the music on the go.

Last.fm on iPhone - Artist Concerts - © TechNorms

You can listen to more than 5 million tracks for free with Last.fm on your iPhone. Love or ban the tracks as you listen. Follow planned artist events on your iPhone, get event details and decide on your attendance right from the app.

Check the top tags or add your own tags to the music. The more you listen, the more Last.fm learns what you like and recommends new music based on your taste. Also recommends artists that are similar to your favorite ones.

Last.fm Tagging and Similar Artists - © TechNorms

Last.fm iPhone App Features:

  • Create personal radio stations based on any artist or genres
  • Listen to commercial free music with more than 5 million tracks.
  • Check out artist bios and concert information and share your favorite tracks with your friends.
  • Recommends new music based on your taste.
  • Your Last.fm profile is updated with your activity using the mobile app.

6) Pandora Radio – Most Popular And Rightly So:

Pandora offers a huge variety of stations to listen to music of your choice.

Pandora Radio App on iPhone - © TechNorms

If you cannot find a station you like, enter the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a station that plays their music. Discover new music as Pandora plays more music that matches your choice.

Bookmark any song or artist you like and buy from iTunes right from the app. The Pandora app for iPhone is integrated with Pandora on the web, so you can enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your iPhone.

Pandora - Create Stations and Bookmarking - © TechNorms

Pandora iPhone Apps Features:

  • Full integration with Pandora on the web. Just log in to use existing stations.
  • Rate songs using thumbs up and thumbs down.
  • Bookmark favorite artists and songs. These reflect on your Pandora profile.
  • Includes album art, artist bios and the ability to create stations based on genres or artists or songs.
  • A landscape option to view recent history and the option to email stations to contacts.
  • Skip songs that you don’t like but this option is limited.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, Pandora is available is U.S. only.

7) iHeart Radio – America’s Favorite Radio Stations Delivered:

iHeart Radio is a popular iPhone app that delivers over 750 of America’s favorite radio stations right to your iPhone.

iHeart Music - Stations by Genre and Location - © TechNorms

iHeart Radio offers a huge range of radio stations including local stations, stations from other cities as well as top talk stations. It also features videos and ability to view the lyrics of your favorite songs. You can easily toggle between favorite stations and songs.

You can also bookmark your stations and tag songs which can be purchased from iTunes.

iHeart Music Radio Player- © TechNorms

iHeart Radio iPhone App Features:

  • Features the best selection of exclusive digital stations and some of the top talk stations.
  • All stations are streamed in Apple’s high-quality AAC format for a superior listening experience.
  • Multitasking-capable
  • Offline mode allows users to listen to podcasts without connectivity
  • View featured videos, lyrics of the songs and purchase on iTunes.

8] TuneWiki – Lyrics + Radio – Social Music At Its Best:

TuneWiki is a Social Music player. Get social while playing your favorite music.

Tune Wiki - Radio plus Lyrics - © TechNorms

TuneWiki plays your favorite music – songs, internet radio, and music videos – with timed, subtitled lyrics while you blip your favorite music and songs to Facebook and Twitter. Translate the lyrics to over 40 languages and watch YouTube music videos.

Tune Wiki Social Music App - © TechNorms

TuneWiki iPhone App Features:

  • Lyrics with Radio: Listen to our SHOUTcast™ Radio player and get lyrics to music and songs from Internet radio.
  • Translate lyrics to over 40 languages and get album artwork for your favorite artists.
  • Music Videos: Watch your favorite YouTube music videos with one click while listening to your favorite music and songs.
  • Lyrics Search: Search for lyrics to your favorite artists, songs, and music.
  • Top Music Charts: Use music maps to find top songs playing around the world.
  • Facebook and Twitter: Blip your favorite music and songs to your friends.

9) Tunemark Radio – Tune The Right Music Station:

Tunemark Radio is an advanced Internet radio tuner offering thousands of radio stations from around the world!

Tunemark Radio With Customized Background - © TechNorms

Tunemark not only focuses on the music but also the visual aspect of the experience. Set a custom background wallpaper – choose your own picture from your camera roll or choose from 4 supplied beautiful background images.

Browse the complete SHOUTcast™ directory, either by most popular genres or all genres.

Tunemark - Music Geners and Stations - © TechNorms

Tunemark iPhone App Features:

  • Background play support on both iOS 4 and pre-iOS 4 devices
  • Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward back to the live stream
  • Tunemark songs – search on iTunes, email song info, or save to a list for later reference
  • Alarm clock / sleep timer – fall asleep and wake up to your favorite station
  • Tell your friends about your favorite songs via Facebook, Twitter, and last.fm scrobbling
  • Add custom URLs – pls, m3u, and direct links
  • Browse the complete SHOUTcast™ directory, either by most popular genres or all genres
  • Browse top 100 stations
  • Search SHOUTcast™ via keywords and set favorite stations for faster reference.
  • Music visualizer! Tap on the animated bar graph for a full screen music visualizer that changes in response to the music.

10) AccuRadio – Listed Last, But One Of The Very Best:

Accuradio is an excellent FREE Internet radio app which scores where the other apps fail to deliver. If you have used the other apps, we bet you would love what AccuRadio has to offer.

AccuRadio - Artist Search - © TechNorms

Accuradio features hundreds of high quality music channels that you can customize to your tastes. Search for channels and as the app lists the available options, select the one that suits you best. Add channels as your favorites and select the artists that play on any channel.

Skip any number of tracks you wish… yup, unlimited skips.

AccuRadio - Create Favorites - © TechNorms


Accuradio iPhone App Features:

  • Customizable channels – Select the artists that play on a channel via a simple on/off switch.
  • Best Feature – Unlimited skips!
  • Easy-to-use, click-and-listen interface.
  • Hundreds of great-sounding, well-programmed music channels.
  • Can play in the background.
  • See the history of songs you have heard.