As more and more of us are taking our data, documents, and social lives online, managing all of these services is becoming a job in itself. If that’s how it feels for you then you might need a cloud management service.

“Not another service I have to sign up for!” I hear you . Yes, it’s another online service you need to create an account for, but what if that was the only account you have to sign into again?

That’s what CloudKafe does. Its consolidates all of your cloud services into one place, giving you access to all of your data with just one password.

How it works

When you sign up for CloudKafe you’re taken to a homepage with a search box and links to Documents, Photos, Videos, Notes, and Contacts. When you open a section you can connect CloudKafe with one of your cloud services. For example, under Documents I connected CloudKafe with my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. When the accounts are connected, I can browse the files on these services within CloudKafe.

To add your Google Drive service go to Documents and click on the “Add Account” button.


 After CloudKafe connects with Google Drive it returns to the File Browser view. In the file browser window you can move, copy, rename, delete and preview files.


To search across all of your cloud services simply type the search phrase into the search bar on the home screen.


The search results page shows 12 documents and 100 photos were found.



All the management of your services happens within the browser window, meaning there’s no software to download. When you’ve connected all of your cloud services you can begin managing them. CloudKafe will allow you to move, rename, delete, and upload documents, photos, videos, contacts, and even your notes from Evernote and Catch. You can also preview certain documents, such as pdf files, and photos.

Browsing files is quick and the design is very intuitive and easy to use. Occasionally it will take a while to open a new folder, and some files, such as Excel documents, can’t be previewed. Or at least I couldn’t preview them.

CloudKafe also features a search function that will search for your content across the entire cloud. Making it much easier to find what you need without jumping between different services.


CloudKafe lets you connect a wide range of services with more to come. One notable exception is the photo sharing and display service, and the ability to manage your music on the cloud is advertised as coming soon. If CloudKafe could let us manage our calendars, and other productivity services, it would be a huge plus.

  • Documents: Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, CX
  • Photos: Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Instagram
  • Video: YouTube, Vimeo
  • Notes: Evernote, Catch
  • Contacts: Gooogle, Yahoo


Now that we’re all using multiple services in the cloud, having a central point for managing all of these services is a great idea. If you need to collaborate and work on projects in a team environment then you’re better off signing up to Otixo or BusyFlow.

If local synchronization is important then Social Folder is the way to go. But if all you need is an easy way to manage your various cloud services with one password, an easy to use interface, and low cost (free) then CloudKafe is a great choice.

Try CloudKafe.