PDF Shaper by Glorylogic is a simple, lightweight but flexible tool for converting your PDF documents to Word RTF documents. It really only has one function, but if that’s a function you need, then PDF Shaper will do it quickly and without fuss.


PDF Shaper includes a number of useful features. It will extract the images and tables from a PDF document. It will also convert tables and tabbed columns as well as detecting numbered and bullet lists. It recognizes several different types of font encoding and will format the final documents like the originals.

You can also batch process multiple PDF documents and choose to ignore images, text, tables, and shapes if you wish.

How it works

PDF Shaper very easy to use. The interface is very straightforward and the lack of bloat and useless features makes it super fast. When you open PDF Shaper, you’re presented with the single file conversion screen.


You can simply browse for the PDF document you need to convert and then choose an output folder and file name.


Click on the “Convert” button and PDF Shaper will do its magic. As you can see, small documents are converted in seconds.


When I converted a simple text file the formatting was perfect. So I tried again with a heavily formatted PDF file. Below is the original pdf document.


And here is the converted RTF file.


As you can see the table appears to be missing. It’s actually still there, it just didn’t convert the table’s background colors, so you can’t see the white text on the white background. Otherwise, the rest of the document converted nicely.

Next, I thought I’d try converting a large document to see what happens. I selected a 195-page ebook and pressed convert.


Not bad. It converted the file in under two minutes. And looking through the pages the formatting was pretty good. It picked up on italics and bold text and matched font sizes and colors for headings. There were a few small things that needed fixing up but nothing major.

You can also batch process multiple files by clicking on the multiple files tab. You choose the files you want to convert and then choose an output folder. The converted files will have the same file name as the originals.


And on the Option tab, you can choose whether to format with tabs, open after conversion and what elements in the pdf document you want to ignore.



PDF Shaper is a useful little application that does one thing and does it very well. And fast. It’s lightweight and won’t take up much space on your hard drive or use up much of you system’s resources. There are a few other PDF converters around, all with different levels of functionality and features, that you should check out, too.

PDF Shaper is a Windows only application that will run on NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64 bit). And it’s free. If you just need to convert PDF documents to Word documents then it won’t let you down.

Download PDF Shaper.