Remote desktop control is a fairly old concept. However, it is usually accompanied by heavy software installations and extensive set ups. Chrome Remote Desktop is different.

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to control any computer from across the world, simply by setting up the browser extension on both of the devices in question.

Chrome Remote Desktop sets up a secure, remote connection which is fully cross-platform. Windows, Mac and Linux computers can now be controlled remotely via the same program on almost any device, including Chromebooks.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop

To download Chrome Remote Desktop, visit their Google Chrome extension page and click “Add to Chrome.” (Link provided below) Once you have successfully installed the extension, you can access it via your Google Chrome Apps page.

Upon opening the extension, you will be greeted with a screen asking for permission to gain extended access to your computer, as seen in the image below. This allows remote access to your files and folder but only with your permission.


Once authorized, Chrome Remote Desktop will then allow you to link your Google Account to the extension, as shown below.


Chrome Remote Desktop will then ask for permission to access certain areas of your Google Account.


Once you have granted the extension full access, you can begin setting up your remote access settings.

To make your own computer accessible to yourself and others from a remote location, click “Get Started” on the My Computers section.


In order to create a secure environment, you will need to set a PIN code only known to you and those whom you wish to access your computer.


Once you have set your PIN, you are all ready to go. Chrome Remote Desktop informs you to change your computer settings to ensure your device does not sleep whilst idle, as this will impair the extensions ability to access your system from a remote location. You will now be able to view your computer from the extension, as shown below.


Now that you have applied a security PIN, and your computer is displayed on the extension as shown above, it is ready to be accessed remotely.

All you need to do now is install Chrome Remote Desktop on another computer and click “Access” as shown below.


As shown below, the extension will then ask you for the security PIN you originally set up for your computer.


Once you have entered the PIN correctly, you will gain full, unlimited and remote access to the specified computer – all from your Chrome browser window.

What can I use Chrome Report Desktop for?

The handy features of Chrome Remote Desktop have a variety of uses, for both work related and personal activities.

For example, being able to access your work computer from home is an extremely useful feature. Additionally, you can provide real-time support to friends, family members and colleagues from anywhere in the world, by taking control of their computer.

With remote access, the benefits and possibilities are quite literally endless.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop