Do you love to paint? Do you love Windows 8? Fortunately, the two have become one with Fresh Paint. Free and easy to use, it includes everything you need to practice your creative art skills. Though it’s best used on a touch screen, any regular desktop or laptop can install and use this app. Follow along below as we step through the different features and options within Fresh Paint.

Using Fresh Paint

Head on over to the Windows store app to search and install Fresh Paint. Upon first launch, you’ll find several panes, or sections, with different images. The first is called “My Paintings” and hosts any custom made paints. Developers have started one for you to begin. Click on this and let’s use it for practice.


Right-clicking the canvas, where the image is present, will bring up the “Tools” menu. It’s from the menu that we can choose another image, different brushes, and colors or save the print. Select a brush and color a begin your painting.


We’re trying to paint this fish yellow but you’ll notice the default size of the brush we’re using is rather large. Choose a different brush and select the minus button at the top of the screen to find a good size for these small areas.


After further attempts with this brush the color just doesn’t seem right. If I’d like to add more green to it and make it more life-like we can actually blend colors like you would when painting. Choose the top right plate and select and brush the yellow in an empty area. Next, choose some green and mix it in with the yellow. You can be creative as you like because the colors blend almost as if you’re using them right in front of you.


To clean your brush and start anew, so as to quit blending colors, put your brush into the top right circle. Notice the colors of the brushes are now reset. This is much quicker than with real paint!


The bottom of the page also has a small set of menu items. From left to right there is an undo and redo button. Unfortunately the almost universal undo command Ctrl+Z does not work in this app so these will be your best friend when painting, as we all make mistakes. The middle button is to hide the lines of the image and perform more of a freestyle paint. Next is a fit to window button so you can quickly zoom out and see the image as a whole. Finally, there is a dry button that fans out the paint. That way you aren’t smearing it around when you don’t want to – also a tool you’ll learn to use a lot.


The “Surface” menu is also available from the topmost portion of the screen and controls the background style and color. These options are very customizable to an exact color using the color picker tool to the far right.



This fish isn’t the only image we can use. Select either “Camera” or “Image” from the bottom menu to import a brand new piece.

At the main menu, we also have choices for paid packs. Some examples include “Finding Nemo Pack,” “Fun Pack,” “Creative Pack, and “Craft Pack.”


Final thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy to use an app for the whole family, young or old, Fresh Paint is the way to go. There are different brushes, colors, and tips that will aid in a very customizable painting you can really call your own, all done on your computer. I had a lot of fun playing with this and can see how you could get wrapped up in it for hours! Share your custom paintings with us in the comments and let us know how you enjoyed Fresh Paint.

Download Fresh Paint.