Following Google’s official announcement of the retirement of Google Reader, loyal users of the service have had to flock to rival news aggregators in search of a worthy replacement.

Despite already having recommended Feedly as a deserving successor, we are equally excited about the capabilities of The Old Reader which are based on a previous version of Google Reader. The aptly named service offers a refreshingly familiar browser-based system, making the migration from Google Reader a whole lot easier.

How to use The Old Reader

Thanks to The Old Reader being browser-based, there is no need to download it either as an extension for your browser or as a separate program. Simply head over to their website and hit “Sign in Via Google” as shown below.


You will then be allowed to link to your personal Google Account.


The Old Reader will then ask for permission to access certain areas of your Google Account. Click “Allow Access” to do so, as shown below.


Once you have authorized The Old Reader’s link with Google, you will be redirected to their homepage, where trending topics and images are displayed. To populate your feed, you simply have to click on “Add Subscription.”


You simply input your desired URL and The Old Reader will do the rest. Your feed will then be neatly and automatically displayed on your new home page.


Once these steps have been taken, The Old Reader will have been completely set up. You can then go about organizing, liking and sharing your feed with friends, all of which can be done via the sidebar.

How do I Import my Google Reader subscriptions?

In order to import your subscriptions from Google Reader, you will need to download Google OPML file and upload it to The Old Reader. This simple process can be started by visiting Google Takeout and hitting “Choose Services” as shown below.


Then, you should select “Reader” from the list of services displayed.


Google will then ensure that your files are 100% intact and ready for download. Once this has been done, click “Create Archive.”


You may then proceed to the download of your OPML file by clicking “Download” as shown below.


Once you have downloaded the OPML file, head back to The Old Reader and select “Import” which is located at the top right-hand corner of the homepage.


Then, click “Choose File” to select your OPML file, and then hit “Import.”


Once the import has been done, The Old Reader will then automatically display the feeds which were present on your Google Reader account.

What else does The Old Reader offer?

Along with an easily accessible website based system, The Old Reader boasts a clean, elegant design which is easy to get used to. Social sharing buttons are included in each news story, as well as the ability to like certain news items.

Another feature which allows The Old Reader to stand out is its social dimension. Once your friends have joined The Old Reader, you can begin to follow their activity, including new subscriptions and liked stories.

Overall, The Old Reader’s charm is in its simplicity. Google Reader users will find it familiar to use and yet will appreciate the subtle differences.

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