Flash games played on the web can be fun and exciting in spare time. An issue we’ll find is when we’re away from home, not on a valid Internet connection or on a restricted network and our time-wasters are unavailable. It’s very simple to avoid this: Save a copy of the game offline. Doing this will avoid the need for a network connection and can make it super simple to find all your favorite games in one spot.

Find and save Flash games

Begin in your favorite browser and visit the page where the flash game is hosted. We’ll use www.flashgames247.com.


We will need to see where the game is specifically loading from. To do this we’ll need to view the page source. In Chrome, use the “Ctrl+U” keyboard combination shortcut.

Press “Ctrl+F” to open the Find box. Type and enter in “.swf”. An SWF file is an Adobe Flash file format used for things like games or videos, so this is what we want to save. Look for something similar to “<embed src=”http://www.flashgames247.com/games/billiard-blitz-hustle.swf” width=”800″ height=”600″”


The source (src) file is what is loading for the game to be displayed in the browser window. Click on the .swf link to open it alone, without the rest of the content on the regular page. Notice the page now loads with just the game showing.


Now that we have the file open in the browser the only step remaining is to save it. In Chrome, choose the Settings icon, then “Save page as….”


If using Internet Explorer, an extra step is required. Visit www.file2HD.com and paste the URL of the game in the search bar at the top.


Agree to the Terms of Service and choose “All Files” for the filter setting. Click “Get Files” and do a “Ctrl+F” search on this page for the “.swf” file. Right-click the file and choose “Save target as….”


Now that we have the game, double-click the local file and notice it open in Adobe Flash Player. Remember, this works with no Internet connection at all. Save all the games you’d like and store them on a thumb drive for quick access whenever you like.


Playing games locally, off the network, can not only be a sneaky way to have fun but it can also help save bandwidth. Not streaming games over the network are beneficial to everyone on it. So think of this as helping out your fellow network users – you’re welcome guys!