Keeping tabs on varying network profile connections can be troublesome especially if you often find yourself on the move. Additionally, ensuring that you keep your connection details when performing system restores and formats, can be a real struggle.

However, Network Profiles Utility offers a unique solution. After a quick installation process, you can seamlessly import and back up numerous network profiles, which will then be automatically saved into a file of your choice – ready to be shared and restored in case of system restores or formats.

How to use Network Profiles Utility

To install Network Profiles Utility, visit their website and hit the download link. Once you have fully installed the software, you will be greeted by the below message. You should then click “Ok” to visit the configuration page.

Setting-up- Network-Profiles-Utility

Once you have reached the configuration page, you will be able to view the existing settings for your Network profile backups. The default settings are set to automatically back up your profiles, so go ahead and click “Save and Close.”


Network Profiles Utility will display the import and export window, which gives you the opportunity to specify the locations of your network profiles in order to import them. The software will automatically detect your saved and previously used connections, but any separate details you’d like to import from another file can be done so by inputting the file location. Otherwise, simply click “Import” to allow Network Profiles Utility to automatically detect your saved connections.


Once you have imported your connections, Network Profiles Utility will automatically create a file on your desktop, with the details of each connection held inside.


Inside the folder, you will find your wired and wireless connections in two separate folders.


Held within each folder will be word documents with the details of each connection, as shown in the image below. Each one of these connections can be imported via Network Profiles Utility, as shown in the Import and Export window above.


So there you have it, a quick and easy way to back up and restore your network profile connections with just a click of a button. Thanks to Network Profiles Utility, you can share your network profiles with others via email, and safeguard your network details when formatting or restoring your computer.

What else can Network Profiles Utility do?

Network Profiles Utility is a simple software with a straight forward functionality of saving, backing up and restoring your wireless connection details. Here are some of its features.

  • Network Profiles Utility is a small, fully portable software, coming in an individual .exe file. The installation process is simply to extract the application.
  • You can easily backup and restore Wireless Network Connection Profiles with just one click.
  • If a wireless connection backup for the current system is available it will be restored automatically upon launch of the software.
  • When no existing connection is available, your profile backups will be generated upon launch of the software.

To conclude, Network Profiles Utility is an excellent piece of software to have to lie around. Simply by configuring the application once, you can save yourself a great deal of stress the next time you need to perform a system restore, rest or formatting.

Download Network Profiles Utility.