With support for Windows 8, Moo0 Window Menu Plus is a great set of tweaks that will make it easier and more productive to use your applications. Stopping and altering processes right from the application has never been easier. Try Moo0 Menu Plus for a great, new experience in managing windows.

Using Moo0 Window Menu

Settings for Moo0 are accessed from the taskbar. In the notification center, right-click the green icon. Choose “Show/Hide” to select which options should be available on windows.


With them all selected as default, the first is “Keep on Top”. Just as it would seem, selecting this option forces all other windows behind this one. Right-click the top title bar of an application window and notice the new menu. Select the first option.


Now that we have a checkmark indicating a settings change, any window that opens over this that would normally overlap is now hidden behind. This is useful if you want to ensure your eyes never leave a particular window.

The next option is “Move to…”. Choose this to center or otherwise position a window on the screen.


The size of the open window does not change, only its location. If an application is maximized the option to move is greyed out.


Moving down the list, “Maximize to…” has a few more options. Choosing these will change the size of the window.


What it will do is maximize the application as well as position it. Think of it as a combination of “Move to…” maximize.

The “Transparency (%)” option is really neat. The higher percentage selected, the less you see of the window.


We’ve selected 40% above and you’ll notice we can now see the background wallpaper behind the TechNorms webpage. The same result will be shown with any application using this option. I find this option entertaining, rather than productive, solely due to it’s glossy feel.

The next two options deal with some settings found in Windows Task Manager. The first is “Kill Process” and is extremely useful.


Instead of opening the Windows Task Manager, finding a process and terminating it, we can do it right from the window. Choose this option to immediately end it from running.

Next is “Process Priority…”.


Again, this option is also present in Windows Task Manager.


But why open another window and choose a priority when you can do it all from the right-click context menu on the application in question? Choose a priority to run the desired window with more CPU and memory than other applications. The higher the option, the greater the power will be that’s allocated to it.

The next setting of “Free Unused Memory” is quite a handy option. At any time, right-click the title menu to view the amount of memory an application is inappropriately using. Is Adobe Photoshop reporting usage over 1 GB? Check it out from this menu and free up the unused or wasted memory to use elsewhere.


Similar to the “Open File Location” option in the properties menu of a folder, “Find this Program” identifies where the program was launched in and displays in in Window Explorer.


We’ve chosen this option in Serv-U File Server.


Notice upon selection we’re presented with the location of the executable.


“Program Information…” is a set of info on the running process. From basics like the window title to advanced stats like threads and process IDs, this is a quick peak at everything you need to know about the program. Choose the top option of “Copy All” to select and copy all the program information.


The final option we have with Moo0 is called “Iconize to Tray.” This option does what some applications do inherently but most lack. It will minimize the window into the notification center on the taskbar. It’s not closed and it’s not in the way as a minimized window. It’s packed neatly next to all the other icons beside the clock.


Notice the Firefox icon is now placed on the taskbar when chosen with this option.


Just as we set the default options upon installing, exiting or turning Moo0 off is also done from the notification center.


Final thoughts

This program is one of a kind. Hosting all these different features into one small package that is accessible right when you need it makes it an ideal piece to grab.

Download Moo0.