Google Chrome’s New Tab page is an innovative way of displaying your Chrome extensions, as well as your most visited web pages. However, despite the various themes available to us, the standard new tab page can become stale over time.

Luckily, Google Now New Tab Page has the solution. The extension introduces a Google Now-esque feel to your new tab page. Instead of simply displaying your Chrome extensions and favorite websites, Google Now New Tab Page adds a Google Search box, voice search, weather & news, to compliment your Chrome extensions and most visited pages.

To download Google Now New Tab Page, simply visit their Google Chrome extension page and add the extension to your browser. Thanks to the simplicity of the extension, no further steps need to be taken.

Getting to know Google Now New Tab Page

Once you have successfully installed Google Now New Tab Page, your new tab page will automatically change without you having to lift a finger. You will then be greeted with your brand new, Google Now based new tab page, whenever you next decide to open a new tab.

The image below depicts the top half of the Google Now New Tab page. As you can see, you will have access to the Google search engine, along with a voice-enabled search functionality. Just under the search bar, your most visited websites will be displayed, some of which offer thumbnails to help identify them.


The bottom half of the Google Now New Tab Page consists of the latest news, your local weather forecast and you’re installed Google Chrome apps and extensions. Each of the three is neatly displayed and are easy to navigate, as shown in the image below.


The good and the bad

Google Now New Tab Page gives your Chrome new tab page a unique, Google Now based look and feel. In order to evaluate the extension, we have listed the pros and cons below:


  • Google Now New Tab Page has a cool, clean design
  • Easy access to the Google Search bar
  • The Google search bar is voice enabled – making it easier to search
  • A quick and easy way to check news and weather in you local area


  • No customization options regarding design or widget placement
  • Only selected websites display a thumbnail

Overall, Google Now New Tab Page offers your new tab page a refreshing look as well as throwing in some handy features to keep you updated with news and weather. The inclusion of the search bar makes browsing a whole lot faster, but a lack of themes and widget customization means that it will never compete with the default new tab page aesthetically.

Download Home – New Tab Page