Google Chrome offers numerous customization options which allow you various ways of accessing Google’s vast services and applications. However, Chrome currently lacks the ability to present all of Google’s capabilities in one, easy to navigate menu.

Luckily, Black Menu offers the solution. This extension contains a complete menu of Google’s extensive services, giving a small preview of each one. You can access them by browsing through the Black Menu entries, which lead directly to the application or webpage in question. Additionally, when signed in to your Google account, your emails and other alerts are displayed within the menu.

Black Menu is essentially a worthy replacement for both, iGoogle and Google Menu – both of which are no longer supported by the Google Chrome browser.

How to use Black Menu

To install Black Menu, visit their Google Chrome extension page and add the application to your browser. Once you have done so successfully, the Black Menu icon will automatically appear on the right-hand side of your address bar, as shown in the image below.


Clicking on the Black Menu icon will reveal the complete list of Google applications and services packed into a easily navigable menu, as seen below.


As seen in the image above, Black Menu displays a standard Google search option along with Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Drive and every other service which Google currently offers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for via the main menu, simply click “More”, as displayed in the image below.


Black Menu is as easy to use as it is to install. You simply hover over the menu item you require, and you will be given a small, interactive preview of the application or webpage. You can then click the menu item in order to fully open the page in a new tab.

The Good and the Bad

Accessing Google’s vast array of services has never been faster or easier thanks to Black Menu. However, to fully understand the extension, we have listed the pros and cons below:


  • Makes all Google services and applications easily accessible
  • The menu, despite being unofficial, has an aesthetically pleasing, Google-esque polish
  • Emails, Google +, Calendar alerts and Google Drive documents are all synced with Black Menu when signed in to your Google account


  • The menu itself is sometimes unresponsive and slow
  • Black Menu doesn’t sync with your Youtube preferences

To conclude, Black Menu for Google Chrome does exactly what it says on the tin. Your Google services and alerts are now only one click away thanks to this well designed extension. Although the menu can sometimes respond slowly upon initial startup, the overall performance is good, making it useful for accessing emails and documents in a rush.

Download Black Menu.