Keeping on top of your browser toolbars and extensions can be a real hassle – especially if you find yourself using more than one browser at a time.

However, Toolbar Cleaner offers you the chance to easily view, manage and remove all of your unwanted toolbars and third-party extensions from all of your browsers. There is no setup required, as Toolbar cleaner automatically detects your installed browsers, and generates your list of extensions and toolbars for each individual browser – ready to be reviewed and deleted if necessary.

Additionally, Toolbar Cleaner goes a step further to allow you full control over your Windows startup procedure. Similarly to the way it lets you delete browser extensions and toolbars, it also allows you to control which programs and softwares open upon the startup of your computer.

How to use Toolbar Cleaner

To install Toolbar Cleaner, head over to their website and download the application. The installation wizard will then take you through the steps of installation, which is pleasantly quick and easy.

Once you have successfully installed Toolbar Cleaner, you will be presented with a window similar to the one shown below.


The above window will allow you to view your list of installed extensions, grouped by the browser upon which they are installed. To uninstall a particular extension or even a group of extensions together, simply tick the boxes next to the extension or toolbar name, and click “Remove Selected Toolbar(s)/BHO(s)” – as shown below.


Toolbar Cleaner also allows you to organise your Windows startup procedure. You can do this by selecting which programs should – and should not, start upon startup of Windows. The image below depicts the window which gives you the ability to customise your Windows startup procedure.


To remove certain applications or programs from automatically starting upon the startup of your computer, simply select the software in question, and hit “Remove Selected Startup Item(s)”.


A useful feature of Toolbar Cleaner is its ability to give you certain information about the software or browser extension you wish to delete or remove. By hovering over a program or extension, a bubble will appear which contains information on the program’s company, it’s file location as well as which users on your computer currently use the program. The bubble being described can be seen in the image below.


So there you have it, you’ll never have to worry about toolbars or old extensions clogging up your browser, nor will you have to suffer at the hand of unused programs automatically appearing whenever you start your computer. Toolbar Cleaner simply takes care of it all.

Thanks to its easy installation process and small size, Toolbar Cleaner is the ideal browser and Windows startup tool, and thus a great piece of software to have lying around, ready to help spring clean your browsers whenever you feel necessary.

Download Toolbar Cleaner.