Cheddar is a simple to-do list app for OS X and iOS devices. Its functionality is very basic, but that a part of it’s an attraction. It does one thing and it does it very well, with a clean and minimalist layout that is super easy to use.

There are a lot of to-do list apps for OS X and iOS, so Cheddar is going to have to impress if it’s to stay installed.


This section is going to be quite short! Cheddar allows you to create tasks, which can be grouped in multiple lists. When you create a task it is immediately pushed across the cloud to your iOS devices and to your account on the Cheddar website. This means that where ever you are you can see and create your tasks.

Task lists are created in plain text, but you can format them with Markdown. Being able to add links, hashtags, and basic formatting is a great asset and lets you to quickly judge the importance of your tasks.

You can organize your tasks by grouping them in lists. Unfortunately, the free version only supports two lists. Having to pay a $1.99 monthly subscription to add more is asking a bit much. I understand wanting to make some money with your app, but I think paying for more advanced features would be better, or at least letting us create a few more lists.

Using Cheddar

After you have downloaded and installed Cheddar from the app store you will need to create an account on the Cheddar website. Click the “Sign Up” button to create a new account, or sign in with an existing account.


Cheddar has a List already set up with examples of tasks formatted with Markdown. To edit a List or Task “double click on the name and start typing.”


You can create new Lists by pressing “Command Shift N,” or going to going to File, New List. New Tasks are created by typing directly into the text area at the top, or pressing “Command N.”


To complete a task simply click the checkbox and the task will turn gray.


To remove completed tasks go to the List menu and click on “Archive Completed Tasks.”


From the website, you can set completed tasks to automatically archive after one day. You do this under the Accounts section.


And that is pretty much all you need to know. It’s all very intuitive, so you’ll be an expert in about five minutes.


Where Cheddar falls down for me is the requirement to pay for a subscription if you want to use more than two lists. This will be enough for many people to not even consider it. It also lacks a couple of basic functions that I find very useful; giving tasks a priority and a reminder. Add to that no plans for making it available on Android devices and Cheddar starts to look a little limited.

If you want more features, and ability to sync with more devices in task management then check out Wunderlist and Any.Do. Both are free.

But on the plus side Cheddar is light, fast, and super simple to use. It’s a very basic feature list will be an advantage to some people. It’s not an app for everyone, and that’s ok.

Get Cheddar.