Keeping private files safe from prying eyes can be a monumental hassle – especially if you share your computer with somebody else. Whether they be work related documents or personal folders, we all have areas of our computers we’d like to protect from the eyes of others.

Thankfully, My Lockbox offers the perfect solution. Following a simple installation process, you will be able to protect selected files and folders with a pre-set password, thus keeping your private files safe from those without the permission to access them – even in Windows safe mode.

How to use My Lockbox

To download My Lockbox, head over to their website and download the software. Once downloaded, simply follow the instructions of the installation wizard to install My Lockbox on to your computer. Upon opening My Lockbox for the first time, you will be presented with the password screen, as seen below.


Once you have set your desired password and password hint, click “Ok” to proceed to the next step which is displayed in the image below. The next step allows you to select the folder  which you would like to be password protected my My Lockbox. Click “Yes” to continue.


You will now be able to manually select the folder – which can be located anywhere on your computer, for password protection. This step is illustrated in the image below. Once you have selected your desired folder, hit “Ok.”


Now that you have selected your folder, My Lockbox will automatically begin password protecting it from anybody who tries to access it. The password will of course be the one you set previously. You will now be able to view the location of the folder My Lockbox is currently protecting, where you can decide to lock, unlock or change the folder you wish to be protected. These options can be seen in the image below.


So there you have it – a fully protected file or folder which can only be accessed via a pre-set password. Never again do you need to worry about nosey guests using your computer.

The Good and the bad

My Lockbox is a well designed, secure solution to file and folder privacy. Here is a full list of its pros and cons.


  • My Lockbox does a great job of protecting personal files, with a simple, easy to use password system, even in Windows safe mode
  • The setup process is quick and easy, offering instant protection
  • The software itself is small in size, making it easy and burdenless to keep lying around
  • Advanced options allow you to change the softwares theme


  • The free version only allows you to protect one file at a time
  • Lacks an email verification feature – which means that forgetting your password could cause a lot of hassle

My Lockbox implements a simplistic password and password hint system, which is easy to set up, but may be difficult to deal with if you forget your password. An email password reset option would have been nice to see – but regardless, the software certainly does its job.

Download My Lockbox.