With a few simple clicks of the mouse JetClean can resolve many PC issues. System lockups, lags or random shutdowns can be the unfortunate result of registry or temporary file problems. Temporary files and old registry items are left in a system after program installs/uninstalls. The temporary files should get removed but sometimes they linger and can cause overlaps when reading from them or simply consume a lot of disk space, causing more read time upon launching applications. So whether it’s registry items or temporary system/browser files, JetClean will be your one stop to make before having a super clean PC.

Choose what 1-Click should remove

At first glance there looks to be just a few options and a couple of menu tabs. Although we can run the cleaner with the default options, let’s dive into each section to ensure we remove the files we want.


Registry clean

Cleaning the registry is a vital part to eliminating system lockups or hangs. It’s recommended to run this scanner option once a week if you’re constantly adding and removing applications. For the average user that only browses the web or watches movies, once in a blue moon is just fine.

Check every box to the left by choosing the top checkbox next to the “Registry Clean” settings. We don’t want to keep any of these keys.


Windows clean

The next set of checkboxes are a little different. Notice there are a few that are unchecked by default. That’s because they are a little more advanced or could make unnecessary changes. Take Clipboard as an example. If the clipboard contents are cleared then anything you had copied will no longer be available to paste.


Choosing some of these more advanced options may display an error to confirm their deletion.


Apps clean

Apps Clean hosts a set of options that can really positively impact browser performance.


Again, only check options that you’re confortable with deleting. Nothing will be removed that is important like photos or documents but take note of options like Cookies or History. If history is removed then any website that you’ve visited will no longer be viewable via the history function in the browser. If cookies are no longer in the system then any saved password information will be lost. I check everything when I run JetClean so I would choose the very top checkmark next to “Apps Clean.”


Shortcuts clean and RAM clean

The remaining two set of cleaning options don’t have further options contained within. The Shortcuts Clean removes shortcuts that are no longer valid. This will include a shortcut to a program that is no longer installed. It’s unnecessary to include these on your computer as they serve no real purpose.


Notice the scan found a shortcut link to an application that isn’t available any more.

The RAM Clean option is extremely beneficial. For any running application that is lingering or has been using memory it doesn’t need, the RAM clean option allocates it back to the system and displays the amount in an easy to read summary section at the top.


You’ll notice many GBs of memory has been regained and the system will run many times quicker.

Run the Cleaner

With all desired options set, the only thing left to do is run JetClean. Either select the “Scan Now” button at the bottom or choose “Scan & Repair” from the arrow options menu to the right to do it all at once.


Results are then displayed for each section when the repair functions are complete.


Tools menu options

The “Tools” menu has a few other optimization features. The first being a simple table of system information like disk space and installed memory. Use the handy “Export…” button to the right to export all the system information to an HTML or TXT file.


The “Uninstaller” sections has a handy search function to the left and a few other options beneath it. Toolbar installs have their own section which is helpful when unwanted toolbars are installed alongside downloaded software. A dedicated button for Large Programs is especially helpful in identifying what could be consuming most of the drives disk space.


Instead of using Windows’ System Configuration window, we’re able to manage startup items right from JetClean. Choose “Disable” to the right of any program and quickly disable it from ever starting again.


Choose “Booster” from the Performance Booster section to quickly have JetClean configure the PC for performance optimization by allocating memory and CPU power to active applications while disabling it for processes that are going unused.


The final side feature that comes built-in to JetClean is the option to create a portable ZIP file to hold all the necessary components in one folder for use on a portable thumb or other isolated location. This is a core feature I believe every application like JetClean should come equipped with.



JetClean is arguably the best cleaning application available. It’s free and does a whole host of operations to give you that clean feeling once again. The great thing is that it’s not just a feeling. You can easily view all the results within each screen and know without a doubt that it has done it’s job and has finished it well.

Download JetClean Free.