Web of Trust (WOT) is a browser extension that lets you and other users rate web sites for their trustworthiness. WOT is available for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. The ratings provided by WOT allow you to make a judgment call on a web site or service before truly getting yourself invested in it. We’ll show you how to use WOT in Google Chrome.

How to get started with WOT

You can install WOT here.

Click “Add to Chrome.”


Click “Add” to confirm the new extension in Chrome.


Once installed, WOT will alert you to its toolbar icon for you to begin using right away. WOT doesn’t require a restart to begin taking advantage of its features.


You’ll be redirected to WOT’s home page when the installation is complete and given a brief walkthrough of what it does.


The first step of the walkthrough allows you to choose whether to use pop-ups to alert you about a web site’s trustworthiness. You can also block web sites that are deemed not safe for children.

Click “Continue.”


WOT requires you to sign up to rate web sites yourself. You can do so here. You can either sign up with an e-mail address or link your Facebook account to WOT.

(7) register

Finally, you can learn more about WOT with a tutorial they provide.


How to use WOT

“Left-click on the WOT icon” in the Chrome taskbar.


A pop-up will appear that shows you the web site’s ratings. You’ll see your personal rating, which you can hover over the colors to rate and you’ll see the WOT community’s rating.

Click “View scorecard for rating details” for more information.


This will take you to the WOT web site.

You can immediately see whether the WOT community believes it’s a trusted web site or not in the right hand corner.

From there, you can go through the ratings one by one to see what users think of the site.

“Left-click the icon” again.

Now, click “Settings.”

This is where you can tweak WOT to your liking.

Ratings allow you to see the ratings of a web site you want to utilize.

(12) settings - ratings

Warnings allow you to choose what level of protection you use in WOT.


Searching allows you to choose how WOT displays in search results to warn you of the trustworthiness of a web site.


Popup allows you to choose whether or not those search warnings are displayed as a pop-up.


Advanced allows you to login to WOT’s web site to save your own rankings and add to the overall community of the program.


You can also enable color blind mode here, too.

Is WOT trustworthy?

WOT is dependent on the honest opinions of those rating web sites and services. When it comes to the Internet, you never know who you can trust. WOT is powerful because of how many users have rated web sites. From there, it’s up to you to determine whether or not a web site or service is trusted.

Download WOT.