Restrict Programs Access on Computers - © TechNormsComputers have different uses for different people. For every requirement, there is a software or program available to help you get what you need to get done. Many programs today can be customized to the users liking easily, but it’s easy for someone else, to screw up these settings just as easily.

You may be sharing your computer with someone or the kids have access to the computer or maybe you are working with a software that had a limit on number of usages – you may, at times, want to keep access to certain programs to yourself.

The reason can be anything, but the question is: Can you restrict access to certain program without much hassle?
The answer is Yes, and it can be done easily if you have access to the right tools and in this case the program is called App Admin.

How Does App Admin Work:

App Admin, as the name indicates gives any user the ability to administer any program he wishes. Since this tool is built to serve a simple and very specific purpose, the interface is not the focus, but functionality is.

That’s why App Admin may look ordinary but does its job very well.

App Admin Main Window:

App Admin - Main Window- © TechNorms

As you can see in the image above the user interface of App Admin is quite simple to understand.

When you want to restrict access to any program just drag and drop the program icon in the App Admin window. Another way to block is to click on the “Block” button and browse to the program folder and select it that way.

Once the program is placed in App Admin, it generates a MD5 hash which is unique to that particular program. Now, no matter if someone changes the file name or tries some other technique to access the program, it would not open, until you unblock it.

For some applications, you need to restart the explorer.exe for them to get locked. The App Admin come equipped with a button, that lets you quickly restart explorer.

At present, you can only block one application at a time, however, the feature of dragging and dropping multiple files would be a plus.

Warning On Access:

When someone tries to access a restricted program, they get a warning window that reads:

Group Policy - Program Access Resrticted - © TechNorms

To understand this programs working process, we locked a previously installed application. When we tried to access it via the start menu or the desktop shortcut – we got an error saying “This program is blocked by group policy.”

Programs can be locked by group policy in any Windows OS manually by digging into the administrator tools.  App Admin essentially does the same thing –  but compared to that process, this is a much quicker.

Password Restriction:

App Admin does not password protect each application, but it does give us an option to password protect the program itself. Once you set a password for App Admin, you need to input the password whenever you need to access App Admin to block/unblock applications.

Password Protection - © TechNorms

A simple prompt shows up which allows you to unlock App Admin if you password protected it. It is easy to change the password anytime you need.


App Admin does the work it’s designed for very well. If someone tried to get access to programs by removing App Admin from the system, the restrictions would still stay in place. You can reinstall the program and unlock files then.

However few features like multiple file restrictions and protecting of folders or individual files are missing, but there are other good tools designed for that (check out the listed security programs below). Try out App Admin if you wish to restrict program access for kids, nosy friends or employees, it won’t fail you.

Download App Admin for Windows.

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