The iOS store is teeming with great weather applications and the new ideas coming from developers on how to display and digest weather information overlaps anything we have previously seen.

Yahoo! Weather has a big hill to climb to reach the top – it needs the information Yahoo is well known for and a design edge to rival the new diverse weather apps on the market.

In Yahoo! Weather we see a lot of the redesign of the company, from the old Yahoo where you could display information in any old fashion comes a new cleaner application, a joy to use, instead of an average service.

Yahoo’s new design


When starting the app, you will be asked if Yahoo can find your location and this will enable local weather updates. Yahoo will also add some bigger cities, like Glasgow and London, depending on where you are from.

To add an area, the plus button at the top right will open the city or ZIP code search. Once you add the city or code, it will automatically load onto your homescreen.

If you want to check out the weather in another area, you simply scroll right or left. Every city has an image, for the bigger cities, this will be an excellent shot from a Flickr user, for the smaller cities, it will be an image representing the weather in that area.

From this front view, the only information displayed is weather and temperature, plus the possible highs and lows. The design is minimalist and lets the user digest information quickly.

Yahoo has taken a lot of thought into how the images should be displayed and how information should not clog up users who do not want to see it. For users just checking the temperature, it is a simple click into the app and then finding the temperature. Compliments to Yahoo, it is a beautifully designed app.

Simple information


Scrolling down on the Yahoo! Weather app gives you all the information about weather. This starts with the five-day weather forecast, including hourly differences. The hourly differences currently only work one a few hours ahead of time.

We then come to Details, explaining what the weather ‘feels like’, the humidity and the visibility. Next, comes interactive weather maps, these are built by Yahoo and come with clouds, temperature, and wind.

Maps is a delightfully clever tool, it gives little squares of information about the cloud space, the temperature in a certain area and the wind speeds. The colors are a little peachy and can sometimes take over the maps, but overall it is another clever way to digest information on the weather.

After the maps come precipitation – there are four small droplets, which fill with water the more precipitation there will be at a certain time. The four times are Night, Overnight, Early Morning and Morning. As you can see, in New York, there is not a lot of precipitation.

Wind & Pressure is another excellent little feature in the Yahoo! Weather app, as well as giving you km/h the small wind turbines also spin faster if the wind is stronger in a certain area. It is these small little touches to the app that really show Yahoo’s design potential on mobile.

To end it all off is Sun & Moon, showing when the sun will rise and when it will set in an area. The app will also show what kind of moon we will have tonight, it is an excellent way to round off all the information.

What’s note to like?



  • Beautiful images from Flickr 
  • Well designed with special care to small detail
  • Yahoo’s interactive weather maps
  • Lots of useful weather information


  • Only a five-day forecast
  • Some may want more details

This is a clever, beautiful and impressive iOS app, it really stands out because unlike some other weather apps which show an impressive user interface but lackluster information, Yahoo gives both.

Yahoo doesn’t try and overdo the design so it is confusing or abstract, they keep it simple, clean and clever. The front page displays beautiful images of the city, with a small amount of information.

Once you enter the bulk of Yahoo! Weather, it is an excellent journey to find out all about the days ahead. The small icon designs look fun and the wind turbine spinning is a really impressive small detail. Some may find only five-day weather forecast not enough, but it will suffice for most of us.

The app doesn’t fail to show any information and keeps it very simple – it doesn’t try to give details so long they bore you and they design the information in a fun but simple to understand way.

Overall it is one of the best weather apps on the iOS platform and hopefully, the company will roll it out to Android and Windows phone soon. With Yahoo’s huge amount of information and interactive maps, it really is a step above the others.

Download Yahoo! Weather.