Are you looking for a way to make disposable messages online? We’ve covered several ways to do this, and we’re always looking for new ways to send secure messages online. ReadOnce is another such service, and we’ll show you how it works.

How to use ReadOnce

Head to ReadOnce’s web site here.


Click “New Message.”


Now, choose the amount of time the message remains live.

You can drag the seconds and millisecond markers to set your time limit. Once that time expires, the messages deletes itself and can’t be retrieved.


Then, you can either upload a file for viewing or type in a message.

Typing a message is much more secure than uploading a file in general, for any disposable message service you use.


You can then choose whether to mask the link you create through as opposed to ReadOnce.


Click “Generate” to create your ReadOnce disposable message.


Share the link provided with the recipient.


The message will be viewable as soon as they use the link and the time you set in the beginning will begin to run down.


Once the time limit is up, the message will be destroyed. It can’t be retrieved or recovered, so if they failed to read the whole message in time, the recipient will be out of luck.

If you head back to the ReadOnce web site, you can opt to sign up for an account with them.

Click “Sign up” to get started.


Enter your e-mail address and a password, then click “Sign Up.”


Click “Edit My Account” in the top right hand corner of your browser.


You can change what e-mail address is associated with your ReadOnce account, as well as the password. Remember to click “Update” to save your settings.

Creating an account doesn’t give you any real additional features with ReadOnce. If you’re truly looking for a disposable message service, there’s no reason to sign up for one in the first place.

Do disposable messages really make a difference?

Disposable messages, for some, do make a difference. It depends on how secure you feel sending information online. To truly be safe, meeting in person is probably the only way to truly make a message secure nowadays. Web apps like ReadOnce give you a bit of security sending messages online.

Try ReadOnce.