Formally titled, is a social music discovery solution. The original Napster service allowed peer-to-peer file sharing. It became very popular and was eventually shut down due to copyright infringement. The company Roxio then purchased it before it was acquired by Rhapsody. Interestingly enough though, Rhapsody and are somewhat similar in that they are music listening services according to the owner’s FAQ page, is in no way affiliated with Napster.

Entirely web-based, it seemingly combines both music streaming with music sharing. On top of sharing and playing, you can even chat with other online users. The way it works is, utilizing YouTube’s API, songs are pulled and then extracted from videos. The only thing wrong with this is it violates the terms contained within because if the music is playing a video is supposed to correlate. Nonetheless, with a few tweaks and more popularity, could very well become something big that you visit every day. We’ll cover the very basics of this service like how to sign up and start using it.

Getting started with

Begin by creating an account here. Enter a username and password and choose to “Create a new account.”

No email verification is necessary or even an option. One drawback to this is if you forget your password, you can’t recover your account, yet.

Begin a search for a title or artist via the “Search” menu at the top.



Select a result and the song will begin playing. Search and add more titles and notice your music library grow via the menu item called “Library.”


Choose the “Discovery” tab to find new music being played by other members.


Social aspect of

Visit the “Chat” menu item where you can chat with other online users.


From the “Library” tab, choose to add another user to the right text area and sync your library with them. You can now view all their songs as they can your library.



  • Easy to find music
  • Can share with friends
  • Chat is enabled for other online users


  • It violates YouTube’s terms, so it may not last long
  • The UI is still in its infancy – navigation doesn’t compare to similar websites
  • No password reset or recovery feature

Thoughts on

This web service is noticeably in beta. Not only is the website a little buggy when it comes to accessing friends or choosing new chat groups, there is very little information on how to actually use all the options. There is great potential though – having a social piece to a music streaming service would be like having a supercharged Pandora.