If you install a lot of programs on your PC you might have noticed that several programs often add a new option to the right-click context menu. Over the time the right-click menu can fill up the entire screen – which is not only difficult to manage but quite confusing. It also considerably slows down the menu opening time.

One such option is the “Groove Folder synchronization” module added by Microsoft Office 2007. Not many of us need this module, so lets look at how to remove it, in a few simple steps.

Groove Folder Sync - © TechNorms

The first method is to completely remove MS Office Groove module from the computer – good, if you never plan to use this feature.

The second method outlines a process to remove Groove Folder Sync just from the right-click context menu, if you want to keep it on the PC.

Option 1: Uninstall Groove Folder Synchronization Module:

This is the easier of the two ways. You just completely eliminate Groove Folder Synchronization from your computer by uninstalling this module from MS Office 2007.

This does not affect your Office installation in any way, just removes this one module.

The process is same for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

1) Go to Add/Remove or Uninstall Programs Option

Type “Add Remove Programs” in the Start Menu Search for Windows 7 and Vista or Access Add Remove Programs from Control Panel on Windows XP.

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You can reach this option by typing in Control Panel as well.

2) Locate Microsoft Office 2007 in the list of installed programs. Then, Right click on it and click on “Change”.

Change the MS Office Installation - © TechNorms

Optionally you can click on the Change button located on the toolbar at the top.

3) Once you click on “Change” you would get an option to “Add or Remove Features” or “Repair” the installation.
Select the Add or Remove Features option and click “Continue”

Change The Installation - © TechNorms

4) On the next screen, locate Groove Folder Sync and select “Not Available” option and click on Continue.

Choose Not Available option - © TechNorms

5) The next screen would show you that MS Office is configuring the selected option and uninstall this feature from your computer.

Configuring MS Office 2007 - © TechNorms

You may need to restart the computer for these changes to take effect. Now if you view your right-click menu, the Groove Folder Sync option would have disappeared.

Option 2: Delete the Groove Folder Sync from the Registry

If you prefer to Groove Folder Sync installed, but want to remove the right-click Menu option, do the following:

Locate the following Registry keys and delete them to remove the Groove Folder Synchronization entries:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\*\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\ABC Groove GFS Context Menu Handler ABC

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\Directory\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\ABC Groove GFS Context Menu Handler ABC

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\Directory\\Background\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\ABC Groove GFS Context Menu Handler ABC

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\Folder\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\ABC Groove GFS Context Menu Handler ABC

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\AllFilesystemObjects\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\ABC Groove GFS Context Menu Handler ABC

On some computers the ABC above can be denoted by different alphabets or numbers.

This will remove the entries from the context menu but will not uninstall Microsoft Office Groove.

The first option is advisable to use since it is both easier to accomplish and doesn’t not involve tweaking the Registry.
Using the first option, you can reinstall the Groove Folder Sync component, if you ever need to use it again.

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