Gmail Security Checklist - © TechNormsIs Gmail your primary email? If so, it’s security is a top priority, since email inbox’s generally have a lot of personal and sensitive information, which should be protected by taking all the required precautions.

We recently wrote a few Security Tips For Gmail, which in our opinion are the rules to follow for a good and safe Gmail experience.

But, it’s just not us that needs to keep things safe, it’s also the responsibility of the service provider to keep things safe on their side by following high quality security procedures as well as educating their users about good security practices.

Keeping this in mind, Google has come up with a new security checklist for it’s users, which gradually guides them through a series of simple tips, which will help them in keeping their Gmail account safe.

Gmail Security Checklist – An Overview:

You can view the Gmail security Checklist page here.

Gmail Security Checklist - © TechNorms

The Gmail Security Checklist consists of 5 sections with few steps outlined in each part, which start with the basics and go onto display some advanced security tips. Here’s an overview of each section.

Part 1: Your Computer:

Gives basic tips about how to keep your personal computer safe and secure, which include – regular scanning for virus and malware, Keeping your Operating system up to date and keeping third-party software updated.

Part 2: Your Browser:

There are only 2 things in your browser that you need to worry about – the addons/extensions you use and the browser version. It’s important to keep all of these up to date. This section provides more information on the subject.

Part 3: Your Google Account:

This section implies the importance of changing account password and the recovery options and suggests good practices to follow.

It also tells you more about giving access to third-party websites and how you can revoke that access and the things to remember while giving access.

Part 4: Your Gmail Settings:

Gmail gives you a ton of options to customize your email inbox and mail behavior. Some of these settings can be used to gain access to important information in your inbox.

This section describes the practices one should follow when in their Gmail inbox, for a secure email experience.

Part 5: Final Reminders:

Some final tips to complete the checklist, a few of those being:

  • Watch out for messages that ask for your username and/or password. Gmail will never ask for this information.
  • Never give out your password after following a link sent to you in a message, even if it looks like Gmail’s sign-in page. Access Gmail directly by typing in your browser’s address bar.
  • Don’t share your password with other websites – Google can’t guarantee the security of other websites and your Gmail password could be compromised.
  • Only select ‘Stay signed in’ if you’re signing in from a personal computer.
  • Always sign out when you’ve finished reading your mail.

and a few others.

Once you complete the checklist you can stay updated about new tips by reading the Google Security Blog.

Gmail Online Security Blog

You can view the Gmail security Checklist page here.

This is a must follow checklist if you want to keep your Gmail account as safe as possible. We have outlines a few extra tips in our Security Tips For Gmail, so make sure you read them as well.

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