Having dual monitors is a great way to be more productive and have more windows open. Similar to dual monitors, working with two or more actual computers side by side can greatly increase that productivity. To take this a step further with the paid option, Multiplicity allows nine computers to be controlled at once – taking your abilities to Steroid-like levels. After authenticating the additional systems, one is used as the primary and the others are configured as a secondary device. With the paid option, files and the clipboard can even be shared between the two – making virtually nine systems into one mega-computer. Multiplicity is compatible in from Windows XP 32 bit up to Windows 8.

Installing Multiplicity

Download from here and install it your primary computer first. The primary will be the one that hosts the keyboard and mouse. Upon launch, the first screen will assume the primary position. This can be changed later on, if another system becomes the primary, by toggling the top left option titled “Primary.”

Now install Multiplicity on a secondary machine – one that needs to be controlled by the primary. The install is the same for both. After completed, go to the primary computer and choose to “Add Computer.”


After a quick network scan, the secondary computer should display on the bottom with name of the workgroup it belongs to. Keep in mind that Multiplicity requires the computers to be on the same network to work.


If it doesn’t automatically pair the two, open the system properties from the secondary computer by right-clicking “Computer” and choosing “Properties.”


Find the “Computer name”.


Enter this name into the primary computer’s selection titled “Enter the computer name here:.”


Choose “Add” and then move back to the secondary computer. With Multiplicity open, choose to “Change passcode….”


Enter and save a desired passcode of 64 characters or less.


Back on the primary computer, enter the new passcode at the prompt, click “Save” and notice the newest addition to the grid. This same procedure applies to every other install on the network.


All the necessary steps have been completed and you can now freely move the mouse across the screen to the secondary system. In our example, the addition is to the right so moving the mouse to the right side of the screen is necessary to transfer control to the secondary install.

Setting up Multiplicity

There are now a few options we can tweak to make the experience even easier. These will be done from the primary computer because it now acts as a server. Choose “Settings” from the left-hand menu.


Notice some features are only available for the upgraded piece and will thus be greyed out. These great features include sharing files via drag and drop between any connected system. Download the full version here.


Select “Control switching based on mouse movement….” These settings are phenomenal for customizing usage. “Unless mouse velocity is over a set threshold” is both a useful and interesting option. With this option enabled, the mouse has to move quickly to seemingly break through the barrier of your monitors before being allowed to pass. Choose “In the screen corners” to prevent switching monitors if the mouse is located in the corner of the screen, like if you’re choosing the Start Menu or the Exit button in a window.


To remove a computer from Multiplicity, choose the little “X” to the top left of the computer image on the main grid.


To move the location of where the screen is located in relation to the primary one is done by dragging the icon to another part of the grid.


Final thoughts

Having the freedom to move from one computer to the next without having to actually physically move should be enough to reel you into download Multiplicity. The advanced features available through purchase is the topping on it all, giving you an all-access pass to copy files from multiple hard drives into one. No longer will you need to install the same software on multiple computers. Simply use the system that already has it, with the mouse from another, and you’re good to go!

Download Multiplicity.