Since Google’s introduction of the Chrome browser, it has often been considered one of the most secure web browsers you can use. Ditching Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers were easy for many users who considered themselves diehard fans. Google’s mission has always been to evolve with the trends on the web and Chrome is no exception to this ideology.

We’ll show you how to protect your privacy in Chrome even further and secure it in ten minutes or less.

Turning on Do Not Track

Every browser, including Chrome, lets you turn on Do Not Track to help prevent web sites and services from following you around and collecting data on you.


Read this guide on turning on Do Not Track in Google Chrome.

Privacy settings

Don’t just rely on Chrome’s default settings to protect your privacy. Check out the privacy settings in Chrome by opening the “Settings,” then clicking “Show advanced settings…” to open up the big guns in Chrome’s privacy arsenal.


Head down to the Privacy sub-header and check out what you can turn on to protect yourself. This is also where you can turn on Do Not Track in Chrome.

Remember that Chrome, like most other browsers, lets you clear out content and your browsing history. If you’re not already using a tool to do this, like CCleaner, then you want to make sure if an extension isn’t, you’re doing it manually often.


Chrome has thousands of extensions to do everything from social network more efficiently to watching videos to even protecting your privacy.

Some of our favorite privacy extensions for Chrome include:

There are hundreds of privacy-based Chrome extensions out there, and these four are the cream of the crop. If you don’t like how they feel, you can always search the Chrome Web Store for something more to your liking but don’t discount extensions for being able to enhance what Chrome’s already doing to protect your privacy.

Incognito mode

Chrome pioneered the idea of “incognito mode” which allows you to browser privately no matter where you go online.


All you have to do to use incognito mode is open the Google dropdown menu, then click “New incognito window” to begin browsing privately.


How secure is Google Chrome?

Any browser you use has its pros and cons when it comes to privacy and security. If someone is bound and determined to get your information, they’ll come up with a way to do it. You can take steps, such as activating Do Not Track, adding an extension and surfing privately, in Chrome to add the highest level of protection to its browser that you possibly can.

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