Downloading a photo so you can edit it is so 2010. Who has the money or the time to use Adobe Photoshop? With the free Fly Photo Editor, you can edit Facebook photos in record time.

From resizing and removing blemishes to cropping and adding filters, the Fly Photo Editor extension is the photo editor you’ve been waiting for. Our guide will outline getting Fly Photo Editor up and running and how to use it.

A Quick and Easy Way to Edit Facebook Photos

Download the Fly Photo Editor Extension

To download Fly Photo Editor, you need to add it as an extension to your Chrome browser and have no fear, adding extensions in Chrome is a breeze. Simply open Google Chrome then visit Google Chrome’s store to download the extension. Either search for the extension in the store’s “Search” field or visit the official site.


Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and the app will be installed. No restart of your browser is needed.

Using Fly Photo Editor

Using Fly Photo Editor is incredibly easy. Simply log in to Facebook in Chrome and use FB as you usually do. When you see a photo you want to edit, either one of your photos or anyone else’s (the extension works on any photos on Facebook), right-click the image and select “Open in Fly Photo Editor.”


After you select “Open in Fly Photo Editor,” it will instantly load on your screen and the photo you want to edit will be front and center and ready to go.


All of the editing options are located above the photo and there are roughly 19 different editing options, including:



After you’re done editing your photo, click “Apply,” then click the blue “Save” button on the right side of the screen.


That’s it. The photo will remain in its original location, only now it will have your new shiny edits. Also, just so you know, any new edits you make will be posted on your Wall.


Fly Photo Editor may not be a highly sophisticated editing tool, and if you know what you’re doing in Photoshop you may laugh at its simplified tools, but having a built-in tool to edit Facebook photos certain comes in handy. For more awesome alternatives to Photoshop, check out these top 12 options.

Download Fly Photo Editor.