Podcast Gallery is a library of audio and video podcasts that you can watch and listen to in your browser. It’s integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can save your favorite podcasts to the cloud. Podcast Gallery uses the data from the iTunes API, so the podcasts you see are what’s available on iTunes.

Podcast Gallery features a responsive design so it can also be viewed on mobile devices. The design is clean and uncluttered and the dark color scheme is elegant. Each podcast is displayed as a thumbnail in a grid layout.

Let’s take a look

Podcasts are sorted by their popularity but you can also sort them by name or category. By looking a the podcast thumbnail you can tell if it’s audio or video. An audio podcast will show a pair of headphones, and a video podcast will have a video camera.


Clicking on a podcast will take you to a new page which will list all of the podcasts by that producer in reverse chronological order. And you can click on the “Watch” or “Listen” button to play your podcast.

Viewing a show

You can listen to or watch your podcast in the browser. Video podcasts load in an HTML5 video player so you can watch it on devices with flash disabled.


For each podcast listing you have the option of downloading the podcast to your hard drive or saving it directly to either Dropbox or Google Drive. Simply click the icon of your choice and after authenticating with the service you can save the file.

Listening to a podcast

You can also create an account with Podcast Gallery by signing on with Facebook or Twitter. This will let you save your favorite podcasts by clicking the “Add to Collection” button. The iTunes button will open the podcast in iTunes, and the web button will take you to the homepage of the podcast.

Adding podcast to collections

To create an account click on the “My Collections” link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Then choose your sign-on method and go through the authorization process.

Creating account

From your collections page you can share your favorites with social media accounts and email. And you can download the OPML file. You can then import the OPML file into your favorite feed reader.



Podcast Gallery is a straight forward and simple podcast management application. It’s basically the same as browsing the iTunes podcast directory but within a browser. Handy if you don’t care for iTunes or Apple.

The extra features offered are minimal but useful. Dropbox and Google Drive integration is a great idea. And being able to download the OPML file so you can access the podcasts in your favorite feed reader is also very welcome.

Check out Podcast Gallery.