More and more people are needing multiple profiles for their online activities. School, work and personal are the big three reasons why people need to create multiple Google Chrome profiles and Chrome is one of the best browsers to make this happen.

It’s incredibly easy to create multiple profiles in Chrome, proving again why this is one of the most advanced browsers out there. If you’ve always thought about creating separate profiles in Chrome but thought it was too much work, this is the guide for you.

Our guide will outline how to create multiple profiles in Google Chrome, making it easy to finally separate your browsing activities.

Go to settings

To create multiple profiles in Chrome, open Chrome and navigate to the “Settings” menu.


Create a new user

Once the “Settings” tab loads, go to “Users” near the bottom of open tab and click the “Add new user” button. This buttons allows you to quickly create another Chrome profile in a few seconds.


After you click the “Add new user” button, a “Create user” dialog box will load with the “Settings” tab faded into the background. This is where you input the name for your new profile and choose a picture from the couple dozen or so available. Go ahead and type in a name, choose a picture, then click the “Create” button.


Sync settings for new profile

After you click “Create,” Chrome does a very smart thing and opens another window to use with your new profile. A login page will load where you can sign into Chrome, which you’ll want to do to sync all of your bookmarks, history and settings in your new profile.


And in case you want to verify you’re logged in under the right profile, go the Chrome window you’re using in your taskbar and look for the picture you chose to associate with your profile.


Opening different profiles

After you’ve created multiple profiles in Chrome, accessing them is just as easy. Click your mouse on the white head that is now in the left-hand corner of your browser and a drop-down menu will appear.


All your Chrome profiles will be listed here. Click on the profile you want to open and a separate window will open for the profile.

Delete a profile

And if you ever want to delete a profile, go to “Settings” and the “Users” section. You’ll see all of your profiles listed. To delete a profile, click on a profile to highlight it then click the “Delete” button.


Other browsers need to take a cue at Chrome’s impressive functionality, which makes it easy for users can create multiple profiles. People more than ever require privacy in their lives and Google definitely takes this seriously. To learn more about maintaining your privacy in Chrome, check out this blog post, and click here to learn how to customize your Chrome profiles.