Depending on the circumstances, you never know when you might need your Windows product key. Not all of us can reach the spot on our PCs where this key is located if you bought a computer from a store. Nor can we always get the software packaging in our hands without digging through our storage closets, filing cabinets and other spaces. With the Windows Product Key Viewer, you can quickly reveal your product key in Windows 7 or 8.

How to view your encrypted Windows product key

You can reveal your encrypted Windows product key at any time with the following steps:

“Right-click” on My Computer.


Then, click “Properties.”

Scroll down to the Windows activation header.


You’ll see the current status of your Windows activation as well as your scrambled product key.


These steps are the same in Windows 8 and Windows 7.

How to use Windows Product Key Viewer

Head to CHIP Online to download the Windows Product Key Viewer.

The site is in German, so you can translate it to English or your language of choice if you use the Google Chrome browser. Otherwise, click “Zum Download” to get started.

Then, click “Download-Server CHIP Online.”

Once downloaded, extract the Windows Product Key Viewer and then click on the EXE where you extracted it.

There you go, you have revealed your Windows 8 product key.


You can use the “Copy” icon on the right to copy it to your clipboard and paste it wherever you need it.

The same steps are followed in Windows 7 to produce your product key as well.


Is it wise to reveal your Windows product key?

It all depends on what you need it for. Most of us don’t keep our product keys handy for Windows let alone anything else but in a pinch having the ability to quickly find it can save us valuable time. An easy to use tool like Windows Product Key Viewer makes that possible and since it works in Windows 8 and 7, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep this around.

Download Windows 8 Product Key Viewer.