Mobstac LogoInternet usage has grown at a breakneck speed in the last few years, but we are seeing an even a faster rate of growth in the mobile internet market. In this scenario it makes sense to have a presence on the mobile web. However, it’s not always easy to create and maintain a mobile version of your website, but that is about to change.

Mobstac promises to create a mobile version of your website within 5 minutes and they deliver as promised. The service itself is very easy to use and the process of creating the mobile version of your blog takes anywhere between 3-4 minutes.

In case you are using WordPress the service automatically recognizes the platform and has an option to integrate this service with the blog, in form of a plugin.

How To Create Mobile Version Of Your Blog  In 5 Minutes:

Mobile Version Of Your SIte

  1. Sign up with Mobstac and confirm your email address.
  2. Enter website address and let Mobstac scan your site.
  3. Fill in the details like Name of the site, desired sub-domain, blog header image and tag line etc.
  4. Click the Preview button to see how your site looks.
  5. Click “Okay, Take me live” once  you complete the steps above and Mobstac will provide you with a url of your mobile blog (e.g.:

If you would prefer to watch how its done, this video explain the process in under 2 minutes:

Unique Features That Mobstac Offers:

  • Widest reach – Mobstac powered sites work on more than 5000 different handset types, which covers almost every mobile phone that has a web browser.
  • Intelligent feature distribution – Different feature sets have been built in for different mobiles – Normal phone users wouldn’t see the advanced features meant for smartphones like iPhone or Android.
  • Website Preview – You can see how your site would look on a smartphone like iPhone or a normal phones while creating.
  • Website optimization for faster speed – The mobile version of your blog/website is optimized for cell phone browsers, making it load at blazing fast speeds.
  • Mobile Browser UI – The images and videos posted in articles are resized on the fly to suit the screen size of the mobile phone user.
  • Independent Servers – The mobile version of your website is rendered by Mobstac servers, which have been optimized for mobile web – resulting in fast page loading speed.
  • Social Media Integration – All posts have the option to share your content on services like Facebook and Twitter.
  • WordpPress Integration – Mobstac provides a native plugin for WordPress users, for easy implementation of their mobile site.
  • Revenue Generation – Mobstac allows you to add ads from Adsense and other networks to your mobile website.
  • Custom Domain – If you want you can use a custom domain like to point users to the mobile version of your site.

We have tried Mobstac and it is an excellent option for everyone who would like to mobilize their websites.

Give it a shot, create mobile version of your site with Mobstac.