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Is your computer running slower than usual? Don’t run out and buy more RAM just yet. Try DeDupler first, a sweet freeware program that will scan your computer for duplicate files.

That’s right. Your hard drive right now could be crawling with duplicate files by the thousands, slowing your computer down like a salmon going upstream. But have no fear, a quick run of DeDupler and your computer could perk up like the good old days. And the best part, even the most novice of computer-users can easily operate this program.

Our guide will outline how to use Windows cleaning tool, DeDupler.

Install DeDupler

DeDupler is a freeware tool offered by Tropo, a company based in Czechoslovakia. To use it, you’ll need to visit their official site here and download DeDupler. Click on the “Download DeDupler” link on the main page, and you will see a dialog box on your screen that says, “Opening DeDupler.”


Click on “Save File” in the dialog box to save the application to your computer. Once completed, locate the file and click on it to run the application.


After you click the application, it will ask you to run Windows as the administrator. Click “Yes” and the application will instantly appear on your screen ready to use.


Using DeDupler

The application may look like a barebones tool for computer experts, but in fact, DeDupler is a breeze to use. To use the application, first, click on the arrow button by “Directory” to tell DeDupler which directories you want to scan.


Pick a directory, then choose “Ok.” You’ll also need to specify the search method DeDupler uses. You can do this by clicking on the arrow button by the “Examinate” field.


After you click the button, the “Examination Settings” dialog box will open. This is where you specify the “Verification Method” it uses to find duplicates. You can choose from either “MD5” (a faster method but not as thorough) or “SHa5” (a more advanced search method but takes longer.)


In this box, you can also specify the files it looks for by extension, as well as the max number of duplicate files you want it to find.


Click “Close” when you’re done (and before you begin your search, make sure to click on the “I have read infobox carefully and I know how to use it.” When ready, click on “Search for Duplicity.” The searching process can take several minutes.

Once the search is completed, the “Results” dialog box will appear. In this box, you can view information regarding the results as well as how you’d like it to process the duplicate files. The default option is “Try to Replace Duplicity Files By a Symbolic Link,” which is recommended.


Then click “Finish” and DeDupler will replace the links. Here is what it will say when it’s completed.


For people using older computers, you might be amazed at how quickly your computer runs after doing a full system scan with DeDupler. While it could certainly have a more updated look, the application is solid and provides accurate results. For more ways to speed up Windows 7, read this blog post on some quick tips.

Download DeDupler.