There seems to be hundreds of eBook converters out there. We’ve covered a few here and there, including Calibre. Most eBook converters are too complicated for most users or just don’t do the job justice. However, a few eBook converter called e2PUB is a web app that quickly converts a variety of formats in minutes. It’s easy to use and does a bang up job in the process.

Currently, e2PUB supports the following Input Formats:

.doc, .docx, .epub, .fb2, .html, .lit, .lrf, .mobi, .odt, .pdb, .pdf, .prc, .rtf and .text

It also supports the following Output Formats:

.epub (IDPF/EPUB), .fb2 (FictionBook), .lit (Microsoft Reader), .lrf (Broadband eBooks) and .mobi (Mobipocket)

Let’s get started with e2PUB.

How to convert various eBook formats with e2PUB

Head to e2PUB’s web site.

Everything you need to do to convert eBook formats is on this single page.

e2PUB allows you to upload a file of your choice to convert or to use a URL where the file is located.selecting-a-file

Click “Browse” to locate a file on your computer to convert.


Or you can click “URL” to enter a link to the file you want to convert with e2PUB.


Once you’ve selected a file, click “Upload Files” to begin the initial upload process in the eBook conversion process.


When that file is uploaded, you move on to step two.


Now, you can title the file as well as name an author. Depending on the original format, these fields may fill themselves in. Otherwise, you can do it yourself or simple change was filled in to your liking.

Click “Encoding.”


If the language of the file you’re converting is something other than English, you can choose the right encoding factor for the conversion process. Keep in mind that won’t translate the file for you, it’ll simply ensure the conversion is appropriate to the right encoding factor used in the original file.

Then, you can choose the eBook format you want to convert the file to. When ready, click the format to start the eBook conversion.

The time it takes to convert all depends on the size of the original file. The larger the file, the longer it’ll take. Just let e2PUB do its conversion.


When finished with the process, you’ll be presented with a link to download the file. You can either download it by right-clicking and saving it or you can you download it as a ZIP file.

That’s how easy e2PUB is to use right from your web browser.

How effective is the conversion with e2PUB?

In all my time using e2PUB personally, I’ve experienced very few errors with the way it converts files. While I mainly use it to convert various formats to MOBI format for my Kindle, I have used it to convert other formats with the same results. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to convert eBook formats, this is a simple tool that packs a big punch when converting to your desired format.

Try e2PUB.