Google TasksGoogle Tasks is a product that lets you easily manage to-do lists from your Google account. So far the Tasks application has offered certain basic features, and Remember The Milk has always been the leader in the online to-do lists management space.

It seems Google is working on incorporating new features in Google Tasks.Google has always taken user feedback into consideration while developing and improving their products.

Now the Google Tasks Team has started a Google Moderator Channel to let users submit new ideas as well as vote on others ideas. Chances of popular suggestions being included as new features are pretty good.

Help Google Improve Google Tasks by Submitting Your Idea:

Google Tasks can be accessed via Gmail, Google Calendar, iGoogle as well as on your Mobile phones.  But the options provided by Google Tasks are pretty limited which makes it equivalent to a normal to-do list.

Google Tasks in Gmail

Google has just announced a Tasks poll for feature requests by Google Tasks users. You can vote on the idea you think would be a good addition as well as suggest your own.

A few most popular suggestions by Google Tasks users are shown below.

Google Tasks Moderator Poll

You can visit the Google Feature Request Poll and submit and vote for addition of new features.