Writers, college students, novelists: Listen up! When writing, have you ever tried to create a zen space on your computer screen, a clean writing space with no other windows fighting for your attention?

If so, then you’ll love TextRoom. Other writers out there were looking for the same thing, and TextRoom is the app they came up with. TextRoom is a basic yet highly helpful app that gives users a serene screen/writing space for writing.

Download TextRoom

TextRoom is a freeware program and you will need to download it, which you can do so by visiting the main site for the program here or from this alternate download location.


For Windows users, click on the yellow link that says, “Windows portable” and you’ll be brought to the download page. Choose to save the file and make sure to unzip the contents.

Using TextRoom

Once TextRoom has been unzipped, locate the folder and double-click the “textroom” application to start it up.


After you double-click it to open, the program will open in full-screen in its default colors scheme: A black background on grey text.


TextRoom’s main feature is a clutter-free space for writing and it does have basic editing options, but they’ve been hidden under the F1 key to maintain its streamlined look. By hitting “F1,” a dialog box outlining the editing hotkeys will be displayed, as well as the commands controlled by the other F keys.


Important F key functions include F5 for spell check, F7 for the MindFlo Mindmapper, F8 to learn new funky words and F9 accesses the MusicRoom feature.

After you’re done writing in textroom, always make sure to hit “Ctrl + S” to save.

Adjust TextRoom settings

You can adjust several setting within textroom by hitting “F2.” Under “Options,” you can adjust everything including the indent value, page word count, date format, the default save location, paragraph spacing and if you want TextRoom to run full screen.


You can also change the color scheme, by clicking the “Appearance” tab on the left side of the dialog box to adjust the font, font color, background color, background image and more.


After thoroughly testing TextRoom, I’m impressed. For writers who have to stare at the screen for long periods, this app can save your eyes big time. And on top of that, it’s easy to use. The only possible drawback is that it could use a few more bells and whistles, but perhaps that’s the point. For more word processing alternatives, be sure to check out this blog post.

Download Textroom.